Urzog’s Journal

Author: Urzog
Released In:

This book was included in Headman’s Cleaver from the Creation Club

I’ve always beaten my little brother in everything. Cards, I had the better hands. Brawls, likewise. When we raced up the ramparts of the old castle, I would always be the first to reach the peak.

Mother said the difference between myself and my brother was that he was a perfectionist, and I was a conquerer. She said I wanted to beat him at everything, and it drove me to become a great warrior.

But my brother didn’t care for competition. As a perfectionist, he simply wanted to sharpen his skills, and would work with others if he thought it would better himself.

Mother said that’s why he would make the better ruler. My brother would forever try to improve our standing, whereas I was content being better than the next man.

Well, little did she know the next man was him.

I’m going to enjoy killing you little brother. Grandfather’s venom may have failed to reach mother’s veins, but it will still reach her heart.

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