TESA Redguard: The Uprising

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After the movie ended, a cutscene began. The Dwemer airship was shown above the Palace, next to a large wooden structure. Dram was standing there. A Guard approached him.

Imperial Guard: The assault ship is ready, Lieutenant; the men are aboard. They’ll never see us coming.

Dram: I’ll inform Lord Richton.

Suddenly, an explosion was heard.

Imperial Guard: What was that?

Dram: He’s here.

One of the rooms in the Palace was shown. Richton was there, together with a few Imperial Guards.

Imperial Guard: They’re attacking the Harbor!

Richton: Who is?!

Imperial Guard: A mob of them, Governor! We were caught off our —

Richton: The Redguard’s behind this! I know he is!

Dram came next to Richton.

Dram: He’s here. He must have found some new friends.

Richton ordered the Guards.

Richton: Get that Redguard. Take their leader, and they’ll fall to pieces.

The Guards left. Dram and Richton were left alone. Richton started walking around the room.

Dram: The dirigible is ready. Shall we begin the assault on the Restless League’s Hideout?

Richton: Forget about the League, Dram! We must evacuate!

Dram: But–

Richton: Who do you think is attacking the Harbor, man?! It’s the Restless League! They’re blowing up our ships! That Redguard — The one you were supposed to kill a long time ago– He’s succeeded in sparking the rebellion we were sent here to repress.

Dram: We don’t —

Richton: Enough! We’ll take the dirigible and make for the mainland! Stros M’Kai is expendable! The Redguards may have their day here, but I will return… At the head of a fleet and the Emperor’s legions.

The cutscene ended. I found myself in the Palace Courtyard, where there were plenty of Guards around. The Dwemer airship was above me, but there was no way to reach it just yet. After fighting and killing the five Guards in the Courtyard, I tried to enter the Palace through the front doors. They were, however, locked, so I went into a side building, supposedly the Barracks, where I was immediately attacked by five more Guards. After killing them, I looked around and found wanted posters and Palace expansion schematics. I examined them and then decided to see if I could open the chests next to the Barracks beds, but they were all locked.


REDGUARD MALE 1.85 M. 80 K. 25-30 YRS.


From the Barracks, I went down some stairs that led to the Storage area, where I fought an Imperial Guard and found a health potion. From here, there were four corridors that I could go through. One of them was the one I had come from, two of them led to dead ends (but there were an Imperial Guard and a health potion in a hole in one of these two corridors) and one of them, the one I went through, led to a spiral staircase. After fighting the Guard guarding the lower end of the staircase, I went up the stairs and into the Kitchen, where I fought another Guard and found a health potion.

Cyrus’ Description of The Soul Sword
The soul sword of Prince A’Tor. His spirit flows through it… And powers our final journey.

A corridor led to the Palace entrance (where I first met Richton). Both the entrance and the Kitchen were connected to a circular corridor with doors to a circular room. The circular corridor was also connected to the large room in which the Richton/Dram cutscenes took place, but the doors connecting them were locked. I went into the circular corridor and killed the two Guards there. Then I went into the circular room, where I fought and killed three Guards. The elevator in this room led to a locked door. I had to find a key for it.

I went back into the Kitchen and noticed that there was a chimney there. Unfortunately, there was a large pot blocking access to the chimney, but turning a wheel made the pot move away. To be able to safely climb up the chain in the chimney, I had to douse a flame, which I did by taking a bucket and filling it with water using a large tap. I climbed up the chain and, through a hole, was able to enter the large room in which the Richton/Dram cutscenes took place, where I fought four Imperial Guards.

After going down the stairs in the room and finding two health potions on the lower level, I went back up the stairs and tried opening the many doors around. They were all locked. I climbed into the balcony on the other side of the chamber, where I entered a room with two Guards, one health potion and a silver key. I went back to the room where the Richton/Dram cutscenes took place and started opening the locked doors using the silver key. The first door I unlocked led to a small room with a health potion, a strength potion, an ironskin potion and two deactivated Centurion Spheres. After not finding anything of value anywhere else, I went back to the room with the elevator, where I used the elevator to get up to the locked door, which I opened using the silver key. The door led to a balcony with a lever. I pulled the lever, which made an elevator come down from the wooden structure next to the airship.

I went back to the Palace Courtyard, where I used the silver key to open the door in front of the Courtyard elevator, after which I went up with the elevator and fought Dram on top of the railing next to the airship. After I hit him several times, he used a teleportation spell to flee. I jumped on the airship and the wooden structure collapsed. I approached Richton, who was above me. He drew his sword.

Richton: I guess, then, it’s time!

I fought Richton. After hitting him many times, the ending movie began.

Cyrus was shown disarming Richton on top of the airship and then threatening him with the soul sword.

RichtonHow remarkable. I may well be the first Imperial Admiral to surrender at this altitude.

CyrusNo surrender, Governor. You just die on your feet.

RichtonThe Rules of Engagement state quite clearly that a losing party may yield to his opponent on the field of battle, and that the victor may, within honorable reason, determine his ransom.

CyrusRemind me in Hell.

RichtonBut where’s the money in that?

Since promises of money didn’t sway Cyrus, Richton tried a different approach.

RichtonOr Redguard honor? I know a Swordsman like you, Redguard, can’t kill an unarmed man…

Richton turned his back to Cyrus and looked towards the city.

RichtonAnd as a gentleman, I place myself under your protection. And as a Swordsman of no little accomplishment, I congratulate you on your mastery of the longsword. And I congratulate you also on your small victory here.

Dram came behind Cyrus and put his dagger next to Cyrus’ neck.

RichtonI have failed my Emperor, and may regret surviving to face his displeasure… But…


Richton turned towards Cyrus.


DramDrop the weapon.

Cyrus dropped the weapon. Three Guards approached. Dram continued to hold his dagger next to Cyrus’ neck.

CyrusWhat were those Rules of Engagement again?

RichtonI’m sorry, Redguard. The Rules of Engagement govern the affairs of gentlemen. But you, a Rebel in arms, a traitor to the Emperor, and a threat to the Emperor’s peace… All you have earned is summary execution.

DramYou die now, Redguard.

CyrusDo it, then, because that’ll be the easy part. But look down there, Richton. Now there’s an army that’s tasted victory, and one you’ll never defeat again.

RichtonNo more words.

CyrusRichton, it’s time you saw that Redguard fire you’ve heard so much about. You never did kill the Prince, Richton.

The soul sword started floating in the air.

CyrusHe lives!

Richton turned towards the soul sword.


The soul sword stabbed Richton and Cyrus pushed Dram. The soul sword came and cut Dram in two.

The Guards drew their swords.

Cyrus took Dram’s dagger and made a large hole in the airship.

He then fell from the airship, but managed to grab an Imperial flag while falling.

He then let the flag go and jumped on an Old Quarter building.

The soul sword fell next to him. The airship exploded. Cyrus went to the edge of the building and looked towards the city.

The camera zoomed in on the city and then on the Harbor ships. Men were cheering in them.

The camera then showed Cyrus and Iszara in the Palace, in the room where the Richton/Dram cutscenes took place. Iszara had a crown on her head. She had the soul sword with her. A Crown Guard approached them

Crown GuardThe Old Quarter should be restored in time for the celebrations, milady.

IszaraMake sure Captain Basil has all the men he needs.

The Crown Guard left.

CyrusYou know I have to leave soon.

IszaraCan’t you at least stay for the celebrations? They are because of you, after all. Baron Volag came out of hiding to retake Sentinel after he heard of our own uprising. Both he and the Emperor are coming here to work out the treaties.

CyrusThe Emperor is coming here?

IszaraWe’ve had two bloody wars in as many years, Cyrus. An accord must be struck with the Empire, but at least now we will be respected allies, if all goes well, instead of exploited subjects. A’Tor guides me in this.

CyrusI’ve never been much for politics.

IszaraI forgive you anyway. I can do no less.

The movie ended and the credits appeared.

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