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I've added some new features, which are actually not really new, but to understand why I'm happy with them anyway I have to explain a few things first. If you don't want to read all that, just click TES Game Books on the left and see what happens.


Up until two years ago the Library was a large collection of hand written html files, held together by half a dozen cgi scripts. It worked fairly well back then. There weren't that many pages and searching for the right terms or just reading everything would be good enough.
The games however started growing. Counting series as one; Daggerfall had 61 titles, Morrowind 302, Oblivion 305 and the then upcoming Skyrim would have 497. Additionally we started gathering lore related developer quotes and quite a few obscure texts. To make matters worse, the Librarians grew up, went to university, fell in love, started a family, leaving them less time to deal with the Library.


This all made it impractical to continue the way we had. The Library needed a better way to do the maintenance and a better way to organize all the books. So about eighteen months ago we decided to move the whole Library to Drupal. It gave us what we wanted where maintenance was concerned but the organization didn't improve. We had simply moved every page to a new system. It took a while to realize that this was horribly wrong. All our books are in a database now. And databases are good at answering questions such as "For all books that are tagged Morrowind, give me a title, author and summary, sort them by title and group them by category", they aren't really good at answering a question like "Give me all books that are linked from this page and make it look nice". It took a while to understand this.

As a consequence the only way to list all books was by putting them in another book and let Drupal take care of it. This meant the only way to search through the books was by looking at a long list of titles with no further information. Before we moved to Drupal the Library listed the books by category and provided a brief summary of the books content and some of this lost functionality has now been restored!


To your left in the Library Navigation menu you can find a link "TES Game Books" Clicking it once will expand a menu showing links to the books from the various games. Clicking any of these will give you a listing of the titles of all books for that game, their author and a brief summary. These can now also be sorted, by alphabet, by category and by author. Additionally, double clicking TES Game Books will provide a listing of the books from all games on a single page.

Attentive patrons will notice that we haven't been able to add a summary and category to every book yet, but we're getting to it. They might also notice that there are allot of duplicate books when looking at the books from all games. Something that should not be a surprise as each game reuses a significant number of books. This is however a silly reason to display them twice, so these will be filtered out in the future.


Anyway, it has been a long time and while progress is slow, it is also steady. For this year only one thing remains to be done. That is to wish everybody a Happy New Year!

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Yay progress!

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It looks amazing, I like it. happy New Year.