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There are two version of Underking. Some of the historical texts state that he was King Wulfharth, the ancient Nordic king of Skyrim, while the official record says that Underking was Zurin Arctus.

Let’s start from the unofficial one, from the books titled "Five Songs of King Wulfharth" and "the Arcturian Heresy". "Five Songs of King Wulfharth" tells the life, the death and the resurrection of King Wulfharth by Shor. The end of "Five Songs of King Wulfharth" tells the death of Shor/Lorkhan and the downfall of the Nordic army from the Dunmer and the Dwemer.

"The Arcturian Heresy" tells the story after the battle at the Red Mountain. The immortal Wulfharth had to go underground and rest to regain his power. Ironically, he was awakened by Almalexia to face the threat from Akavir. Soon thereafter he continued his long sleep. Wulfharth is now known as the Underking.

When Hjalti (later is known as Tiber Septim) started his conquest, the Underking thought this would be a perfect opportunity to destroy the Dunmer. He joined Hjalti. Hjalti became the Emperor and adopted the name of Tiber Septim. The Underking pressed Tiber Septim to launch full scale invasion to Morrowind, but Tiber refused. Instead, Tiber made a deal with Tribunal. This caused the Underking furious and left.

Without the powerful ally, the conquest to defeat the Elves would be impossible. Tiber Septim turned to the present from Morrowind, the Numidium. Zurin Arctus made a breakthrough studying the Numidium, and found a way to power the Numidium, the heart of Lorkhan. While the heart of Lorkhan is impossible to retrieve, the next possible candidate is the Underking due to his connection to Lorkhan.

Underking was ambushed and his soul was trapped in a soulgem called Mantella. Zurin Arctus was killed in the battle. Eventually Numidium moved, it is not the heart of Lorkhan, but the Mantella did the job. Tiber Septim rewrote the event and stated that Zurin Arctus betrayed him and became the Underking. And that statement became the official version of the Underking.

Later on, in High Rock, the agent of Uriel Septim VII, the Tiber Septim descendant, managed to recover the Totem of Tiber Septim and activated Mantella. The activation of Mantella caused Dragon Break; time was distorted and made all the seven parties who was struggling for Numidium, retrieved the Totem of Tiber Septim and the Mantella. The event was called the Warp of the West or the Miracle of Peace. As one of the seven retrievers, the Underking eventually gained his long lost heart and finally died in peace.