Undercover Guard’s Journal

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

This book was included in Alternative Armor: Iron from the Creation Club

4E 201, 18 Sun’s Height

I’ve been asked to investigate rumors that one of the inns to the west is providing refuge for bandits. Several carriages traveling to Windhelm have gone missing as of late and the captain feels it may be related to the Crimson Dirks. I have some business to finish in Solitude but it shouldn’t take longer than a week.

4E 201, 25 Sun’s Height

While the patrons at Nightgate Inn were uncooperative and brusque, I don’t believe any of them are bandits. I’ve asked our informant to travel to the inn to confirm, but in the meantime I will continue monitoring their behavior.

4E 201, 16 Last Seed

The Bosmer did not recognize the Nord, although I vacillate on whether I trust his opinion. I pointed out that it has been months since he has provided any actionable intelligence on his former cohorts. In response, he conveniently gave up the location of the Argonian bandit, Pale-Eyes, information I feel he has been holding on to for some time.

For now, the Bosmer remains an asset, but any information he provides should be vetted thoroughly. Supposedly, the Argonian is camped on the shoreline, west of Northwatch Keep. We can alert our Thalmor friends to take care of the matter. They won’t like having a wanted criminal loitering so close to their stronghold.

In the meantime, I will leave my documentation here in the event further surveillance is needed on the inn patrons.

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