Undaunted: A Life of Glory Questions

Author: Turuk Redclaws
Released In:

December 5, 2014

I have a question in regards to the Undaunted guild—more specifically, the size of the guild. Is it true that the Undaunted was once a large guild with a membership rivaling that of the Fighters Guild and the Mages Guild combined? – Runs-In-Mud

Turuk Redclaws says, “This one does not know how many members the Fighters and Mages Guild boast, though Turuk has heard they possess a much higher retention of new recruits. Let them have it. Life is easier for mercenaries and lunatics in dresses. No offense to mercenaries and lunatics in dresses—the Undaunted have many of those.”

“As to your specific question, membership in the Undaunted waxes and wanes like the Moons. In fair weather, there is always a surge of interest from hot-blooded youth as well as the infirm. They come looking for adventure, or an honorable way to pass on, and come in droves, perhaps because the Fighters Guild won’t accept the very old or very young. But the Undaunted are happy to oblige them, and in early Rain’s Hand, Turuk personally vouches for dozens of recruits who pass their initial trials. Then, as the year marches on, those numbers are eviscerated by Tamriel’s dark depths. Unfortunate, but it is in those depths that true Undaunted are forged.”

“Turuk’s friend Talisse just pointed out that Turuk still hasn’t answered your question. That one thinks she is so great. Looking around Turuk sees—give Turuk a moment to count. Turuk sees five. Five Undaunted. Turuk never counts the rest as alive until he confirms it with his eyes. Is that more or less than the combined might of the Fighters and Mages Guild? Turuk may never know.”

“It occurs to Turuk perhaps this would have been a better question for Mighty Mordra, who keeps a superior headcount.”

Since I first met you, you’ve taught me several helpful things. But I still feel that there is more I could learn from you. Some sort of ultimate knowledge, a technique perhaps, that would help my allies and me while we investigate Tamriel’s dungeons. Have you thought about letting us into such a secret someday? – Larenia Moonshine

Turuk Redclaws says, “Turuk would like to say that he remembers the illustrious Lady Moonshine, but Turuk lives in taverns and sadly does not. He hopes you were not one of the ones he taught Blood Altar construction to while under the influence of drink. Those poor souls will spend the rest of their lives wishing they could forget that night and Turuk is still picking hideous crust out of his ears.”

“As for new techniques, the Undaunted are forever refining their skills, but it is difficult to improve on the basics. It sounds like you have learned everything the Undaunted have to teach. Except, perhaps, that success in the depths isn’t about techniques. It’s not even about the weapons you carry into battle. It’s about shrewdness. Yours, and your friends’.”

“Besides, you already know how to make a Blood Altar. What more do you need? The Blood Altar fixes all of Turuk’s problems. It’s becoming an issue.”

What is the normal attrition rate for new bloods within the Undaunted? – Kii-Nam

Turuk says, “Turuk believes he has answered this question in some form or another before, but he has had plenty of moon sugar tonight. The Undaunted recruit new bloods often. There have been a great many of them. Sva ‘The Saw’ Crenshaw,  Severio ‘the Full Nelsonius’ Nelsonius, Lex Pilper—so many of them were here and are absent now (Turuk swears he has non-Imperial comrades who have passed on, but he can’t remember them).”

“Many ask Turuk when he says this, ‘Why then, do we never see them?’ They are around us, always. In Turuk’s heart. They are dead, but they are there.”

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