TES4 Knights of the Nine: Umaril the Unfeathered

Released In:

I have arrived at Garlas Malatar. My sworn foe Umaril the Unfeathered awaits me inside. The final duty in my holy quest is to find him, and destroy him.

Sir Thedret

I stand ready, Lord Crusader. Shall we launch our attack on Garlas Malatar?


Launch the attack.

Sir Thedret

Knights of the Nine! Umaril and his Aurorans must be destroyed!

Knights of the Nine

(The Knights attack, shouting their battlecries)

Knights of the Nine, follow me!

Beware! Umaril's Aurorans are attacking!

For Dibella and Mara!

Remember Anvil!

Remember Bravil!


(Enter the first room)

Knights of the Nine

Do you think we took them by surprise?

So far so good.

We need to get those gates open.


(Enter the second room)

Knights of the Nine

Umaril must be hiding further in.

The vengeance of the Nine upon these foul creatures!


(Enter the third room)

Knights of the Nine

Let's keep moving.

Looks like it opens up into a huge room up ahead.

I wonder if Umaril will dare face us?


(Face a horde of recurring Aurorans)

Knights of the Nine

I don't like the looks of this.

The orb restores them to life! How can we defeat them?

Our valor is useless against this daedric devilry!


(Smash the orb)

(Time stops)

(Enter Umaril's Throne room)


Man kana mitta abasel Umarile?
"Who dares enter Umaril's forbidden hall?"

Pelinal na vasha. Sa yando tye.
"Pelinal is gone [dead]. So also [will] you [be]."

Shanta, ehlno. Tyavoy balangua!
"Come, mortal. Taste my power!"


(Slay Umaril)

I have destroyed Umaril's physical form. If the Prophet told me true, I must cast the Blessing of Talos on myself and I will follow Umaril's spirit to a place where he can be destroyed.

(Use Talos Blessing)

(Face Umaril's Spirit in the sky)


Asma bala ni hilyat sino?
"By what power [do] you follow me here?"

"Begone!/Stand aside!"

Rahtan Pelinale na anda!
"Pelinal's reach is long!"

As balangua, Ehlnada racuvar!
"By my power, the mortal gods shall be cast down!"

Abagaianye Ehlnadaya!
"I do not fear your [mortal] gods!"


(Slay Umaril's Spirit)

Umaril is utterly destroyed. I have completed my holy quest.

(Fall out of the clouds and lose consciousness)

(Wake up in the undercroft)

Sir Amiel

Crusader... arise... stand and face the light. Breathe again and receive your reward. You have completed your divine task. You have restored the Order. You have defeated the enemy of the Nine. The Order shall serve as the sword and the shield of the Nine in the dark times to come. We owe you a debt of thanks. You have succeeded where we could not. You and your knights have held true to your purpose. At long last, our purgatory is at an end. We go to the glory of the Nine, to serve in their host in the life beyond this one. You may call upon our spirits when you need us. Simply pray at our tombs, and each of us will grant you a blessing from the Nine. May your sword serve the Nine all the days of your life, Crusader. Farewell.

Sir Berich

You redeemed my soul from the evil that had ensnared me. For that I am forever in your debt. The old bitterness that seemed so important to me in life -- what is that now? How to weigh that against my very soul?


What about Sir Caius?

Sir Berich

The evil took hold of me the day that I slew Sir Caius on the Priory steps. I baited him, knowing his temper, and then I killed him when he drew against me. I killed him in cold blood, with the holy Sword itself! I could have disarmed him or wounded him. But a cold pride had taken hold of me, and so I slew him, and went to war, and never returned. The evil grew upon me until I became cruel, a tyrranical ruler, a terror upon the land. In death, evil held me even tighter than in life. Thanks to you, that all is behind me. Sir Caius and I will go to Aetherius side by side, as of old. The gods are truly merciful.


Sword of the Crusader?

Sir Berich

I took the Sword down with me into evil. You have redeemed us both. The gods smile on such deeds, noble knight.

Walk with the Nine, Sir Knight.

Sir Amiel

While you may have performed greater deeds, none have meant more to me than your redemption of my friend Berich. Soon we will all finish our long-delayed journey to Aetherius, and Sir Berich will be among us, as of old. Thank you.

Sir Caius

You put right the evil that I began through my own weakness. Sir Berich is once again part of our fellowship, and shall be forevermore.


(Watch the Ghosts disappear)

(Go upstairs to meet the other Knights)

Sir Thedret

Lord Crusader! How can this be? You... you're alive! It's a miracle! I heard voices in the undercroft and I came to investigate... You vanished in Garlas Malatar. After the battle, we searched further into the ruin and found you next to Umaril's corpse. You had no wounds on your body, but you were dead. I saw it with my own eyes -- you did not draw breath! We laid you to rest in the undercroft... we kept your death a secret. We feared what would happen if our enemies thought you were dead.


The wonders of the Nine are many.

Sir Thedret

Indeed they are... We knew you had succeeded in destroying Umaril's physical form, but it seemed that you had met the same fate as Pelinal Whitestrake. Tell me... was Umaril destroyed?


I have severed his very soul.

Sir Thedret

Then he is destroyed! We've won -- and you're alive! I have to tell the others!

(Outside the Knights are waiting)

Knights of the Nine, hear me! Today we have witnessed undeniable proof of the strength and the might of the gods we serve! Slain in battle with the dread Umaril, by the grace and mercy of the Nine, the Crusader lives again! How can this be, you ask? What of our foe? What has become of Umaril The Unfeathered? Umaril has been slain by the Crusader! His very spirit cast into the void and destroyed for all eternity -- he will never rise again. Let us give thanks to the Nine! By their power, the Crusader has rid the world of Umaril forever! Hail the Lord Crusader!


Hail! Hail the Lord Crusader!

Avita Vesnia

Hail the glory of the Nine!


Hail! Hail! Hail!

Carodus Oholin

Behold the power of the Nine!


Through Arkay, the Crusader lives!


By the might of Talos, the Crusader is arisen!


By the power of Akatosh!

The End
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