A Type of Zero Still to Be Discovered’ — a traditional Dwemeri children’s rhyme

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This text was originally posted to The Essential Site on April 21st, 2001, in the Magic vs. Technology: The Dwarven Mystery thread, which can be seen here.

Wake up, khundakar, it¡¦s a new day, traditional style, and thank you for breathing.

Wake up, suchi-el, get dressed, reconsider your [science], here¡¦s an official daguerreotype.

Good morning, Ae, here¡¦s a side of the story you seldom suffer.

Good morning, Aurbis, you¡¦ve got numbers to ignore.

Look out, First Moon, wearing those are dangerous in this industry, so try to enjoy.

Look out, Second Moon, not everything is inexplicable and extortion is for [skeptics].

Nice day, khundakar, we have your table ready, the divinities are already waiting.

Nice day, suchi-el, the world-nirn cannot be mapped, so forward your dismissals to the eight givers.

Afternoon, Ae, I hope all is well in the world of modern folklore.

Afternoon, Aurbis, the reports are true, there is a type of zero still to be discovered, all [critics- ?] agree.

Good night, First Moon, stay out past [supper], return these to the [proper authorities].

Good night, Second Moon, it¡¦s time to go, love the metal all you want, three easy ways of comfort.

Bedtime, khundakar, put away your star-mobiles, [anecdotes- ?], and bone collection.

Bedtime, suchi-el, stay over, bring your astrolabe, we think there¡¦s still some ghosts.

Sleep well, my children, tomorrow I¡¦ll buy you both the sea.

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