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T - Translation Dictionary


ta’agra’iss - (n.) words-of-the-people. [Ta’agra]
Source: The Khajiit Scribe Affa Mu

Tamriel - (n.) dawn’s beauty, starry heart. [Aldmeris]
Source: Mysterious Akavir

Tang Mo - (n.) Thousand Monkey Isles. [Akaviri]
Source: Mysterious Akavir

theilul - (n.) an Argonian liquor made from distilled sugracane. [Jel]
Source: The Infernal City

Thtachalxan - (n.) drykillers. [Jel]
Source: The Infernal City
Comment: refers to the only non-Argonian guard regiment in Lilmoth.

thtithil - egg. Ixtaxh-thtithil-meht. [Jel]
Source: Interview with Three Booksellers

thu'um - (n.) shout. [Nordic]
Source: Pocket Guide to the Empire, Five Songs of King Wulfharth

tobr'a - (adj.) useless thus evil. [Yoku]
Source: Pocket Guide to the Empire

tolt - (conj.) that. [Dragon]
Source: Game Informer

tong - (n.) guild. Morag Tong. [Dunmeri]
Source: Varieties of Faith in the Empire

topali - (n.) river. Ge-rulla seb ytri topali. [Kothri]
Source: Water Getting Girl
Comment: comes from the name Topal (bay), around which the Kothringi tribe lived.

Tsaesci - (n.) Snake Palace. [Akaviri]
Source: Mysterious Akavir

tsonashap - (n.) swimming frog. [Jel]
Source: Infernal City