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N - Translation Dictionary


naal - (prep.) by. [Dragon]
Source: Game Informer

Na-Totambu - (n.) the rulling class of Yokuda and early Hammerfell. [Yoku]
Source: Pocket Guide to the Empire

nchow - (n.) a vulgar exclamation akin to “damn”. [Dunmeri]
Source: Four Suitors of Benitah, Smuggler’s Island

ne - (adv.) never, not. Nemer. [Aldmeri]
Source: Ayleid Inscriptions and their translations, Orvas Dren

netu anselim - turn back. [Yoku]
Source: Sword Meeting

-nium - town, city. Orsinium. [Aldmeri]
Source: Pocket Guide to the Empire

norok - (adj.) fiercest. [Dragon]
Source: Game Informer

no shira - a title used to denote noble birth. Frandar do Hunding Hel Ansei No Shira. [Yoku]
Source: Redguards, their History and their Heroes

nou - (adj.) our. Nou Aldmeris. [Ayleid]
Source: Ayleid Inscriptions and their translations

nu-mantia - (n.) liberty, freedom. [Ehlnofex]
Source: Mythic Dawn Commentaries, Adabal-a Comment: although Ehlnofex in origin, it appears most often in derivative languages, hence I have kept it lower case.

nust - (pron.) they. [Dragon]
Source: Game Informer

N'wah - (n.) an insult meaning foreigner or slave. [Dunmeri]
Source: TES3:Morrowind