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J - Translation Dictionary


J- - (used in names) bachelor, young adult, one who lacks experience. [Ta'agra]
Source: Interview with Three Booksellers

Ja- - see J.

Ja (Jah) - (n.) money, gold, coins. Sri Duadeens jah. [ta'Agra]
Source: S'rathra, Jobasha

Jagga - (n.) an alcoholic Bosmeri drink made from fermented pig’s milk. [Bosmeri]
Source: Dance in Fire

Ja’khajiit - (n.) kitten (lit. young desert dweller). [Ta’agra]
Source: Words of Clan Mother Ahnissi
Comment: Also a name for Mehrunes Dagon, since nothing “is more destructive than a young cat”

jekosiit - (n.) a Khajiiti insult of unknown translation. [Ta’agra]
Source: The Khajiit scribe Affa Mu
Comment: means either one who ‘jekos’ or one who lives in ‘jekos’

Ji- - see J.

jihatt - (n.) a warrior for hire, one who fights for gold rather than for clan or mane (negative connotation). [Ta'agra]
Source: Oblivion

Jo- - (used in names) wizard, scholar. [Ta’agra]
Source: Interview with Three Booksellers

julan - (n.) benefit. Gah Julan. [Dunmeri]
Source: TES3:Morrowind

jun - (n.) kings. [Dragon]
Source: Game Informer