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F - Translation Dictionary


fah - (conj.) for. [Dragon]
Source: Game Informer

fal- - (n.) snow. Falmer. [Aldmeri]
Source: Pocket Guide to the Empire

-fell - city. Vvardenfell. [Dwemeri]
Source: Aedra and Daedra

fetcher - (n.) an insult. [Dunmeri]
Source: TES3: Morrowind

feyn - (n.) bane. [Dragon]
Source: Game Informer

fex - (n.) face. Ha'phyn fex. [Kothri]
Source: Water Getting Girl

fin - (art.) the. [Dragon]
Source: Game Informer

f'lah - (n.) an informal form of address. [Dunmeri]
Source: TES3:Morrowind, Unnamed Book

fod - (adv.) when. [Dragon]
Source: Game Informer

foyada - (n.) fire river. Foyada Shur-dan. [Dunmeri]
Source: Savants on Vvardenfell.
Comment: oddly, does not use the "molag" root. Indicates multiple varieties of 'fire'

fundein - (v.) unfurled, unfurl. [Dragon]
Source: Game Informer
Comment: relates to dein, meaning "keep."

fus - (n.) force. [Dragon]
Source: Game Informer

fusozay - just kidding. [Ta'agra]
Source: The Khajiit Scribe Affa Mu