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C - Translation Dictionary


card- - (n.)ancestors (lit. undeparted kin-wardens). Cardruhn. [Dunmeri]
Source: Savants on Vvardenfell

cardruhn - (n.) ancestral tomb (lit. hearth-hall of the undeparted kin-wardens). [Dunmeri]
Source: Savants on Vvardenfell

chi- - (adj.) changed. Chimer [Aldmeris]
Source: The Anuad

CHIM - royalty, starlight, high splendor. AE CHIM CE ALTADOON. [Ehlnofex]
Source: 36 Lessons of Vivec
Comment: As with all Ehlnofex, the sigil CHIM constantly distorts itself. Those scholars that can perceive its shape regard it as a crowned tower that threatens to break apart at the slightest break in concentration.