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This quest makes heavy references to LGNPC Seyda Neen mod. Terinde is introduced as the missing husband of Eldafire but is never found within that mod.

As you deal with Old Gils in Fishing Stories questline you will either be given a Tarnished Wedding Ring or will find it on the corpse of Old Gils. Asking around town will give you some clues to the owner.


Erene Llenim:

Tarnished Wedding Ring: Hm. You say you found that ring in Old Gils? It might be Terinde's ring. He was Eldafire's husband.


The player will find Eldafire usually hanging out near the bridge into town where you can bring up the ring to her.



Tarnished Wedding Ring: Oh. Oh, my. I see, my husband, Terinde...he said a slaughterfish grabbed the ring right off his finger, and his finger was cut, but I thought...I'm sorry I didn't believe him. Can I...can I have the ring? If only to remember him?

-Not yet: Why? It's barely worth anything to you.

-Give her the ring: Thank you. Thank you. I ...Don't know what to do. Would you look for Terinde?

--Not right now: I understand. You are busy, and I don't even know if I'd want to see him again.

--Agree to look for him: Would you? I suppose I should tell you about Terinde.

Terinde: Terinde was a handsome mer, but he lacked magical talent. Well, he lacked any useful talent. He was always scheming to make it big while losing small. I lost respect for him, and he knew it. I feel it ate away at him, but I don't know if I could have acted any other way. He left town years ago with a group of Altmer who were all looking for a better life. He wrote me letters often at first, then less often, then not at all. The last letter he sent was from Caldera. If you happen to find yourself in Caldera, please ask about him. Maybe someone there remembers him.


The player heads to Caldera to ask around about Terinde.



Terinde: Dro'Shavir smells nothing. Dro'Shavir hears nothing.



Terinde: Altmer? There was a group a few months ago. They visited some of the shops. I wish I could be more helpful.



Terinde: Aye, I remember them. A bunch of fools if you ask me. They damn near took all my stock of netch and chitin. None of them knew how to even put it on. A few of them came back weeks later and sold it back to me, damaged terribly, and went over to Falanaamo's.


Verick Gemain:

Terinde: If a group of Altmer came into town, they didn't buy anything from me. Ask one of the other shopkeepers.



Terinde: A group of Altmer you say? Of course I remember them. None of them looked that tough, but they all bought some adventuring supplies. Weapons, potions. One of the mentioned going into the ghostfence. I saw some of them come back into town, but they didn't come here. They all went to Falanaamo's shop.



Terinde: A group of Altmer came into town, yes. I'm sure I could remember a bit more for a small consideration.

After bribe: Yes, a group of Altmer came from somewhere inside ghostfence. They were haggard and weary, but they all bought new, very extravgant clothes and paid with a handful of rubies and a glass jinkblade, far more than even my finest clothes were worht. I overheard one of them say they were looking forward to Suran.



Terinde: Yes, of course. I, nothing really. Nothing at all. Maybe you're a tax collector or a thief or a bounty hunter going to finish them off.

After bribe: Well, when you put it taht way, a group of Altmer came and stayed the night a few weeks ago. They were all wounded, maybe diseased. I did what I could to make them comfortable. They tipped very well. I heard one fo them say he was headed to Suran.


After speaking to the townsfolk the Player heads to Suran to catch up to the group.



Terinde: Sounds like half the people who come to Suran. Try asking in the shops or at Desele's


Ibarnadad Assirnarari:

Terinde: They decended on Suran like a flock of cliff racers on a guar three days dead. First they came to me, and I sold them potions to cure their blight in exchange for glass. Then they went to Desele's and she sold them one night's dream in exchange for everything. Then they went to Verara who gave them ntohing and Goldyn who took their soiled wings for a pittance. One flew to Ebonheart. Will the others fly again?


Helvaine Desele:

Terinde: If someone came here and spent all their money, that's not any of your business, is it? That's my business.



Terinde: That depends, how much is it worth to you?

-Tip her 20 gold: I was here that night. A group of Altmer came in a few weeks ago, spent wildly, and left poor. I don't know where they went, but they did visit several shops. One of them flirted with Khinjarsi over there.



Terinde: Maybe Khinjarsi knows a thing, but maybe Khinjarsi is not sure she should talk. Maybe Khinjarsi does not want to get into any more trouble.

After bribe: Yes, yes, four Altmer were here, bandaged and tired. One of them was very sweet but talked too much. They drank and spent freely. The next afternoon, when I went to clean up, they were passed out at teh table. I woke them and Iratil, the sweet one, said he was going to Ebonheart.


Verara Rendo:

Terinde: Yes, some Altmer came here. They wanted to sell me their clothes. While the clothes were once of high quality, they were filthy and torn. One of them was stained with Cyrodilic Brandy. I could tell because it was still wet and had a strong odor. I refused to do business with them and sent them to the pawnbroker.


Goldyn Belaram:

Terinde: Is it worth something to you? This is a pawn shop, after all.

After bribe: An Altmer came in here a few weeks ago, desperate, wounded, hung over, and stinking like Vivec's canals in Sun's Height. He traded a fine robe for a common one and just enough gold to buy passage to Ebonheart. He was specific about the exact amount to take the silt striders and boats to Ebonheart. I never saw him again, so perhaps you should go there.


After speaking to everyone the only lead on Terinde is Iratil who went to Ebonheart and so the Player heads to Ebonheart and asks around.



Terinde: You want to talk to Iratil down by the docks.



Terinde: Yes, I knew him. Terinde, Melion, Caldo, Inyamemo, Tanwe... I knew them all. It's a sad tale. I will tell you everything for just four septims. That is all I need to buy passage on a ship and go far, far from this wasteland forsaken by the Aedra, by civilization, by the stars themselves!

-Give him 4 gold for the whole tale: We all had our dreams. Mine was a where I'd come back from Vvardenfell older, wiser, and much, much richer. I'd buy a plantation, somewhere far from here and far from my home, perhaps a castle overlooking the Iliac bay. All we needed was to find a treasure, and we have so many leads on treasures. Vvardenfell is so full of promise, but empty of anything but suffering and death...

-Ask about Terinde: Of course! I am getting to that. Terinde's dream was to return to Seyda Neen walthy enough to open a shop, and able to give his wife a better life. He was always writing letters to her. But some are meant to live their dream, some are meant to just have a dream, and some... some live their dream ever so briefly and lose it all to vanity, to gluttony, to nightmare...

-Ask again what happened to Terinde: We went into the ghostfence. One of us, poor Caldo, he knew of a treasure there. And it was there. Such glorious treasure. Ebony, glass, rubies... But such terrors guarded it. Each of us had a little talent, a few summons spells, a little archery, a little alchemy. We thought it would be enough. So many of us died. But Terinde, Melion, and I escaped, and even though we were all bleeding and blighted, each of us carrying as much treasure as we could. But it was not enough.

-Demand to know where terinde is: Terinde...I don't know. We parted in Suran. We spent our treasures on healing and travel and new clothes. We came to Suran to celebrate our success, even if we merely traded the lives of our friends for a few trinkets. There in Suran the rest of our treasures were stolen. The day after, that terrible day, Terinde left for Molag Mar, and I came here to beg for ship passage away form this blighted place.

Asking again: As I said, Terinde was headed to Molag Mar. If you see him, tell him that I wish him luck and that he a braver mer than I to stay in this blighted place.


The player heads out to Molag Mar hoping to catch up to Terinde.


Rindral Dralor:

Terinde: Terinde? The Altmer who is escorting pilgrims? You can probably find him near Mount Kand or Mount Assarnibibi.


Having his location finally the Player heads out to find him and confront him.



Yes, I'm Terinde. I escort pilgrims to Mount Knad and Mount Assarnibibi. You don't look like the kind of pilgrm who needs an escort.

Terinde: Eldafire sent you? She still remembers me? I don't know if I can face her. I left to prove myself ot her...what will she think if I come back with nothing? No, no, I can't go back. Tell her I am dead.

Asking again: It's best if she thinks I'm dead and can move on with her life. There's no way I can give her what she deserves. No way I can face her after all that's happened.

Tarnished Wdding Ring: You found the ring? That was the final gesture. I knew she didn't believe me, and I felt she was right not to. She probably thought I sold the ring. She probably thought I cared so little... Maybe I can go back to Eldafire. I miss her, but how can I live? I don't suppose you, it is too much to ask.

-Nevermind: Nevemrind, my dreams died in the ghostfence.

-Ask what is too much: Could you give me 200 septims? With that I can book passage back to Seyda Neen and buy an anvil and proper tools. my companions, Auri-El wake them... I repaired their armor, sewed their clothes, replace the poles of their tents, all kinds of repair work. I know Arille does repair work, but he doesn't care for it. I could set up a small shop outside Eldafire's house.

-- Don't give him anything: Then it is probably best if she thinks I'm dead. I'm sorry. Tell, don't tell her anything about what happened except that I am dead.

-- Give him 200 gold: Truly? I almost can't believe it. After the way I've squandered everything itme and time again, it is best if I head to Seyda Neen right away and begin preparing my apologies.

Terinde: I will return to Seyda Neen immediately.

Tarnsihed Wedding Ring: I am heading back to Seyda Neen and to Eldafire. I hope she will accept me.


The player also returns to Seyda Neen to see the reunited couple.



Terinde: He came back yesterday, a changed man. Things are a bit tense between us, but I hope it will work out. I don't know if this repair shop will work or not, but at least it's not another wild scheme. Thank you for finding him and convincing him to come back.


Returning late you get a final update.



Terinde: The shop is doing well. He has finally found a real talent for fixing htings, and the guards and fishermen have been giving him a steady business. And I...I am glad he is here.

Background: I was once a widow, but now I am married again to the same man. I still wake up feeling strange, like I am living in a dream, and I'm not sure whether it will turn out to be a pleasant one or not.



I am trying to set up a repair shop here. I twill take time and much work, but I am done with foolish schemes.

Terinde: As you see, I set up a small shop here thanks to you. Do you need any repairs?

Tarnished Wedding Ring: Eldafire gave me the ring back. I will polish it and restore it and always remember what you did for me when I wear it.




Alternatively you can return to Eldafire and tell her Terinde is dead or tell her the truth of where he is if you where unable to convince him.



Terinde: What... What have you discovered?

-Tell her Terinde is dead: He's dead? I suspected, but I never truly felt he was dead. Tell, don't tell me. I am sure it was some misadventure. At least I can finally move on.

-Tell her Terinde is in Molag Mar: He's in Molag Mar? And he wants me to think he's dead? Poor Terinde. But perhaps I will try to think of him as dead and move on with my life.

Asking again: Please, no. I am trying to forget.

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