Pocket Guide to the Empire, Second Edition — The Threat of Mirrors: Alinor and the Summering Isles

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Librarian Note:

Unfortunately, no work was done on the Summerset section of the Guide. Michael Kirkbride proposed that the name Summerset is “a phonetic misconception of the [Ehlnofex] idea that 'the sum is set',” but this was controverted by Lady Olivia, who wrote an in-character rebuttal with a variety of other spellings and possible etymologies for the name. Although the section was claimed early on during the project, no writing materialized outside of this short brainstorming exchange.

In late 2021, Adanorcil posted this summary of his own Summerset ideas on Discord:

The whole thing was a comment on the idea that you can never translate the “true” Tamriel into something (game)-consumable without severely diminishing it. As usual, it's a sharp contrast to all previous information. The conceit would have been that an IGS associate received an exceedingly rare invitation to visit the Altmer homeland.

As they first catch sight of Crystal Tower it is splendorous, unlike anything else, but ultimately still somehow… plausible? The travelogue continues and turns out to be something of a… letdown? Summerset really is just a bunch of ruins inhabited by a handful of haggard “real” Altmer, perhaps as few as eight, with all the rest just being mirrors, reflections, refracted, recombined. “Look what you have done to us”, say the Altmer. The gravest crime perpetrated against the Altmer is that the Empire, creation, us, Observed them, put number, name and shape to them, killed them by forcing them into the imaginable. “You're doing it right now, you sick fuck.”

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