Third Letter to the Mages Guild, Draft Copy

To: Grivier Adrad, Second Secretary to Archmagister Emeritus Vanus Galarion
From: Irnard Rirnil, Adept
Regarding: Ongoing Work at the Scholarium

Greetings to the secretary and the archimagister!

Thank you for the cleaning supplies and preservation spells. They have made quite a difference in resolving the many problems that have arisen in maintaining these ancient texts. I will send along some transcriptions of the oldest works for your consideration, but strongly recommend that unique volumes remain within the Scholarium. They are quite fragile with age, to the point that some disintegrate when the covers are first opened.

In addition to the delicate volumes, the adepts have been challenged by the state of storage and shelving. Some shelves have practically rotted out through the intermittent dampness. Others suffer from dry rot to the point that an entire shelving unit collapsed the other evening, almost crushing poor Votary Nahlia!

We’ve also found a number of unreadable volumes, and the adepts are split as whether they contain highly personal magical notations or some sort of cipher used to secure their secrets.

My personal opinion is that we are looking at some sort of heretofore unknown Ehinofex daughter language, which, if proven true, would be revolutionary for understanding of pre-Nedic tongues. Ehinofex and its descendant languages are another personal interest of mine, as you are no doubt aware, and I’ve sent along a new copy of my paper on the descendant declensional pathway that leads from the earliest languages to the poetry of Ayleidoon-era Elves. I hope to hear from you soon what you think!

In any case, I will continue to keep you apprised as to our progress. Thank you for your time and attention in this matter. May Magnus watch over us.

Irnard Rirnil, Adept

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