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Third Era


3E 1

Tiber Septim starts the 3rd Era, a year after he united all Tamriel in 2E 896.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire, Pocket Guide to the Empire (1st Edition): Cyrodiil.

3E 12

The Encyclopedia of Tamriellica published.
Source: Where Were You When The Dragon Broke?, The Dragon Break Reexamined.

3E 38

Tiber Septim dies after a long reign, and his heir, Pelagius I, takes the throne.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire

3E 41

Pelagius I is assassinated by The Dark Brotherhood. Kintyra I becomes the Empress of Tamriel. During her short reign, Tamriel is blessed with prosperity and good harvest.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire

3E 53

Kintyra I dies. She is succeeded by her son Uriel I.

Under the reign of Uriel I, the Fighters Guild and the Mages Guild increase in prominence throughout Tamriel.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire

3E 64

Uriel I dies, and his son, Uriel II, takes the throne. Tragically, the rule of Uriel II is cursed with blights, plagues, and insurrections.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire

3E 67

Potema, the so-called Wolf Queen of Solitude, is born to the Imperial Family of Prince Pelagius (later is crowned as Emperor Pelagius II).
Source: Biography of the Wolf Queen.

3E 82

Uriel II dies. Pelagius II becomes the next Emperor. By the end of Pelagius's reign, Tamriel has returned to prosperity.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire

3E 98

Pelagius II dies and Antiochus, his eldest son, takes the throne.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire

3E 110

The War of the Isle. King Orgnum of Pyandonea launches an attack on Tamriel, a result of the political intrigue of Queen Potema of Solitude. With the help of Summerset Isle and the Psijic Order, the Pyandonean Armada is annihilated.

Source: Pocket Guide to the Empire (1st Edition): Aldmeri Dominion, Pocket Guide to the Empire (1st Edition): The Wild Regions, The Wolf Queen, A Brief History of the Empire, Pocket Guide to the Empire (3rd Edition): Other Lands.

3E 111

Sir Amiel Lannus establishes a knightly order known as the Knights of the Nine. The main purpose of the order is to recover the ancient artifacts of Pelinal Whitestrake, the Crusader's Relics.
Source: The Knights of the Nine.

3E 114

Destri Melarg, a well known Redguard historian and translator of old Redguard verse, dies.
Source: A Compilation of Redguard History, Notes For Redguard History, Divad the Singer, Redguards, History and Heroes, The Memory Stone.

3E 119

Emperor Antiochus dies. His fifteen years-old daughter, Kintyra, is prepared by the Elder Council to become the next Empress. Please note that according to the Biography of the Wolf Queen, Antiochus died in 3E 112.

Pelagius III, the future Emperor who will later be known as The Mad Pelagius, is born. He is the first son of King Magnus. Please note that The Wolf Queen series state that Pelagius is born on 3E 125.
Source: The Madness of Pelagius, The Wolf Queen.

3E 120

Kintyra II becomes Empress.

The War of the Red Diamond. Queen Potema, also known as the Wolf Queen, with her allies in Skyrim and part of Morrowind launches a surprise attack on the Empire. She claims the throne for her son, Uriel III. Kintyra II, with the support of King Magnus of Lilmoth, and King Cephorus of Gilane, tries to hold on to the throne.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire.

3E 121

Kintyra II is captured by Queen Potema's forces. Uriel III proclaims himself as the new Emperor of Tamriel. Note that Biography of the Wolf Queen puts the capture of Kintyra at 3E 114.

Source: A Brief History of the Empire, The Wolf Queen.

The Knights of the Nine are fractured by the war. Some of the recovered relics of Pelinal Whitestrake are used in battle and subsequently lost.
Source: The Knights of the Nine

3E 123

Kintyra II dies. The day (23rd of Frost Fall) is now remembered as the day of the Broken Diamond. According to The Wolf Queen, there is speculation as to Kintyra's death, with some scholars placing it as early as 3E 121, and others as late as 3E 125.
Source: Holidays of the Iliac Bay, The Wolf Queen, Broken Diamonds.

3E 127

War of the Red Diamond ends with Uriel III's defeat in the Battle of Ichidag by Cephorus. During the journey to Cephorus's castle in Gilane, an angry mob burns Uriel III to death. Cephorus becomes the next Emperor.

3E 131

The order of The Knights of the Nine, never having recovered from the civil war, is officially dissolved by an Imperial decree.
Source: The Knights of the Nine

3E 137

Queen Potema dies after a month-long siege on her castle. At her death, Magnus appoints his son, Pelagius, as the titular head of Solitude, under guidance from the royal council.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire, The Wolf Queen

3E 139

Sir Casimir, one of the remaining Knights of the Nine, accidentally murders a beggar, and leaves the Gauntlet of the Crusader, one of the Crusader's Relics, on the floor of the Chapel of Stendarr in Chorrol. Nobody is able to move the gauntlets since.
Source: The Knights of the Nine.

3E 140

Cephorus dies in an accident. His brother, Magnus, takes the throne.

3E 141

Pelagius, King of Solitude, marries Katariah Ra'athim, Duchess of Morrowind.
Source: The Madness of Pelagius.

3E 145

Magnus Septim dies. His son, Pelagius III, is crowned. He never truly rules Tamriel due to the increasing problem with his eccentricity. His wife Katariah and the Elder Council make all the decisions.
Source: The Madness of Pelagius.

3E 147

Pelagius III's wife, Katariah, declared as Empress Regent. Pelagius III popularly believed to have gone insane, though it may have been a physical malady that forced him to declare himself incompetent to reign.

3E 150

The Siege of Abernanit in Vvardenfell, Morrowind. Rangidil Ketil and a small army of Ordinators and Bouyant Armigers destroy the Daedric Shrine of Abernanit, one of the bases of the Sixth House.
Source: The Death Blow of Abernanit.

3E 153

Pelagius III dies at the Temple of Kynareth in the Isle of Betony. Pelagius' wife, Katariah, is then crowned for the Empress of Tamriel. Despite of the racist assertions to the contrary, Katariah's forty-six years reign is known as one of the most glorious in Tamriel history.
Source: The Madness of Pelagius, The Asylum Ball, A Brief History of the Empire.

Sir Amiel Lannus dies on his futile attempt to recover the Helm of the Crusader, one of the Crusader's Relics.
Source: Sir Amiel's Journal.

3E 195

Rangidil Ketil, commander of the Ordinators and subject of the poem Death Blow of Abernanit, dies. He was 288 years old.

3E 200

The Empress Katariah dies. The throne passes to her son with the late Pelagius III, Cassynder.

3E 202

Cassynder dies, and Uriel Lariat (son of Katariah and her consort, Gallivere Lariat  ) takes the throne as Uriel IV.

Uriel IV's reign is difficult and long. Despite being a legally adopted member of the Septim family, and despite of the Lariat family's high position, few of the Elder Council can be persuaded to accept him fully as a blood relation of Tiber.

3E 213

Song of the Askelde Men translated.

3E 246

During the reign of Uriel IV, the Elder Council, in an attempt to clear up some questions of property rights in Skyrim during those chaotic days, decrees that any man without a liege who occupied a castle for more than three months would be granted the rights and titles of that estate.
Source: The Rear-Guard.

3E 247

Uriel IV dies. The Elder Council disinherits Andorak, Uriel IV's son, and a cousin more closely related to the original Septim line is proclaimed as Cephorus II.

In Valenwood, Haymon Camoran (later known as Camoran Usurper) claims the throne of Camoran Dynasty and begins his conquest of Tamriel.
Source: The Refugees

3E 249

Camoran Usurper conquers Valenwood and continues north to invade Hammerfell and Colovia. Emperor Cephorus tries to halt Camoran Usurper by sending troops to the west, but is defeated.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire, The Fall of the Usurper

3E 253

At the Battle of Dragontooth, the Camoran Usurper defeats the armies of Taneth and Rihad of Hammerfell. Southern Hammerfell falls.

3E 263

Most of Hammerfell has been conquered by Camoran Usurper. He continues north towards High Rock.

3E 267

Camoran Usurper launches campaign into High Rock. An alliance of High Rock kingdoms of Ukalon, Phrygia, and Kambria, led by Baron Othrok of Dwynnen meets Usurper's army in the Iliac Bay. The alliance eventually defeats Usurper’s forces, ending his conquest.
Source: The Fall of the Usurper

A female Bosmer refugee, former mistress to the Usurper, gives birth to his son in the aftermath of the battle. She names the child Mankar.
Source: The Refugees.

Fasil Umbranox, an Admiral and veteran of the war against the Camoran Usurper, is tasked by Emperor Cephorus with defeating the pirates of Anvil and its surrounding.
Source: Cap'n Dugal's Journal

3E 268

Uriel V becomes the Emperor of Tamriel. He embarks on a series of invasions beginning almost from the moment he takes the throne.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire.

3E 270

Uriel V sets a plan to invade Akavir.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire, Disaster at Ionith.

3E 271

Uriel V Conquers Roscrea.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire

Torradan ap Dugal, the last leader of the pirates in Anvil, is finally defeated by Admiral Fasil Umbranox. The Uriel V grants Umbranox the city of Anvil as a reward.
Source: Cap'n Dugal's Journal

3E 276

Uriel V Conquers Cathnoquey.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire

3E 279

Uriel V Conquers Yneslea.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire

3E 284

Prince Bashomon surrenders Esroniet, a small island kingdom that lies between Tamriel and Akavir, to the Septim Empire. Esroniet becomes a major base for the Imperial campaign into Akavir.
Source: Disaster at Ionith.

3E 285-3E 286

Several expeditions are launched to scout the sea lanes and coast-lands of Akavir. On the basis of all this information, the kingdom of the Tsaesci, in the southwest of Akavir, is selected as the initial target for the invasion.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire

3E 288

The Imperial navy, led by Uriel V himself, lands on Akavir. Two Tsaesci cities (renamed to Septimia and Ionith) fall to the Empire with little resistance.
Source: Disaster at Ionith, A Brief History of the Empire, Mysterious Akavir.

3E 288-3E 289

The winter storm season is unusually prolonged and exceptionally severe, and cuts down the supply line between Tamriel and Akavir. Tsaesci raiders attack to the Imperial settlements.
Source: Disaster at Ionith.

3E 290

A large Tsaesci force attacks Ionith. While defending the city, Uriel V is killed by enemy arrows. Few survivors manage to bring the news to Septimia. Eventually Septimia is disbanded, and the rest of the Imperial leaves Akavir. The invasion of Akavir fails.
Source: Disaster at Ionith

Uriel VI becomes the next Emperor of Tamriel. Since he is only five years old, his mother, Thonica, is given restricted regency until Uriel VI comes of age.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire

3E 307

Uriel VI finally takes the Imperial seat in his 22nd year. Though he has been assuming Imperial responsibilities for years, he remains largely powerless due to the machinations of his regent mother and the Elder Council.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire

3E 313

Uriel VI takes control of the Elder Council through force and subterfuge. His half-sister Morihatha is his biggest ally.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire

3E 317

Uriel VI dies after an accident, and Morihatha takes the throne. After she subdues the Elder Council, she continues defeating the rebellious vassals. Slowly the Empire regain its prosperity.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire

3E 331

Second edition of the Pocket Guide to the Empire is released by Empress Morihatha.
Source: Pocket Guide to the Empire (3rd Edition)

3E 335

One Anvil's most respectable citizens, Lorgren Benirus, is discovered practicing Necromancy. The Mages Guild and the people of Anvil storm his manor and kill him. After his death, the manor is believed to be haunted.
Source: Scrap from Lorgren's Diary

3E 336

Nulfaga, a powerful sorceress and the mother to the future Daggerfall King Lysandus, is born.
Source: The Daggerfall Chronicles

3E 339

Morihatha is assassinated. Thoricles Romus, Councilman from Argonia, is believed to have hired the assassins, and is sentenced to death. Morihatha's nephew, Pelagius IV, takes the throne.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire.

3E 340

Eadwyre, future King of Wayrest and husband to Carolyna and Barenziah, is born.
Source: The Daggerfall Chronicles

3E 346

Uriel VII is born.
Source: The Daggerfall Chronicles

3E 353

Mynisera, future wife to Lysandus, King of Daggerfall, is born.
Source: The Daggerfall Chronicles

3E 354

Lysandus, future King of Daggerfall, is born to Arslan II and Nulfaga.
Source: The Daggerfall Chronicles

3E 360

Book of the Dragonborn, by Prior Emelene Madrine, is published.

3E 368

Pelagius IV dies, and his son, Uriel VII, takes the throne.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire.

In Hammerfell, Cameron, the future King of Sentinel, is born.
Source: The Daggerfall Chronicles

3E 369

Akorithi, future Queen of Sentinel and wife to Cameron, is born.
Source: The Daggerfall Chronicles

3E 370

The future TES1: Arena Hero/Eternal Champion is born.
Source: The Daggerfall Chronicles

3E 375

The future TES2: Daggerfall Hero/Uriel Septim VII's Agent is born.
Source: The Daggerfall Chronicles

3E 376

Jagar Tharn manages to acquire the Staff of Chaos (Balac-thurm) from a dungeon below Mournhold city in Morrowind. Helseth is born to Barenziah and Symmachus.
Source: The Real Barenziah, The Final Lesson.

Lucius Gallus publishes The Guardian and the Traitor, a treatise on an old Skaal legend.

3E 377

King Arslan II, father to Lysandus, King of Daggerfall, dies. Lysandus becomes the King of Daggerfall.

Prince Geldall, the official heir of Uriel Septim VII is born.
Source: The Black Horse Courier

3E 378

Prince Enman, one of the sons of Uriel Septim VII, is born.
Source: The Black Horse Courier

3E 380

Prince Ebel, one of the sons of Uriel Septim VII, is born.
Source: The Black Horse Courier

3E 381

Gothryd, son of Lysandus and Mynisera, rulers of Daggerfall, is born.
Source: The Daggerfall Chronicles

3E 384

Morgiah is born to Barenziah and Symmachus.
Source: The Daggerfall Chronicles

3E 385

In High Rock Province, the Duke of Camlorn and his entire family are assassinated, and his daughter, Princess Talara, goes missing. The Duke of Oloine, the late Duke's brother, takes the throne of Camlorn.
Source: The Mystery of Princess Talara.

Arthago, the first prince of Sentinel, is born to Cameron and Akorithi. He has poor health and is weak. The name of this prince and his fate is never known to the public.
Source: Daggerfall Storyline: The Third Prince of Sentinel, Night Falls On Sentinel

3E 386

Aubk-i is born to Cameron and Akorithi, rulers of Sentinel.
Source: The Daggerfall Chronicles

3E 389

Elysana is born to Carolyna and Eadwyre, rulers of Wayrest.
Source: The Daggerfall Chronicles

3E 389-3E 399

The Imperial Simulacrum. Jagar Tharn banishes Uriel Septim VIII into Oblivion using the Staff of Chaos, and uses powerful magic to disguise himself and rule in the true Emperor's stead. He shatters the staff into eight pieces and scatters them around Tamriel, hoping to keep the ruse permanent. Tharn's ten year reign contains several wars and much political turmoil.
Source: Arena Storyline,Pocket Guide to the Empire: Third Edition


3E 392

Greklith is born to Cameron and Akorithi, rulers of Sentinel. In the same year, Carolyna, Queen of Wayrest and wife of Eadwyre, dies.
Source: The Daggerfall Chronicles

3E 393

Lhotun is born to Cameron and Akorithi, rulers of Sentinel.
Source: The Daggerfall Chronicles

3E 394-3E 399

The Five Year War. The war begins with a Bosmeri attack against the city of Torval, which the Bosmer claim was in retaliation against Khajiiti raids on Bosmeri caravans. It ends with Valenwood's defeat, and the capture of both banks of the disputed Xylo river by the Khajiit.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire, Dance In Fire, Mixed Unit Tactics in the Five Years War, Volume One.

3E 396-3E 397

War of the Blue Divide. Summurset Isle defeats Valenwood and claims several coastal islands.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire, Dance In Fire.

The War of the Bend'r-mahk. Skyrim destroys the combined forces of Hammerfell and High Rock. The eastern part of Dragonstar city of Hammerfell falls to the Skyrim force led by General Duvais; while the Hammerfell force regroups and defends the western region of the city. Both forces build walls that separate the city permanently into two regions. The wall that separates the city still exists to these days, and the eastern region is still occupied by Skyrim – creating political obstacle between the two Provinces.
Source: A Brief History of the Empire, Shadowkey Storyline.

The Arnesian War. Morrowind attacks Black Marsh after a merchant is killed during a slave revolt. Symmachus, consort to Barenziah, Queen of Morrowind, is killed, and the Queen and her two children flee to the Imperial City. There, Barenziah realizes that Jagar Tharn is impersonating the Emperor, and helps to lay the groundwork for his eventual defeat.
Source: The Real Barenziah, Biography of Queen Barenziah, Lives of the Saints, A Brief History of the Empire.

3E 397

Shadowmage Skelos Undriel, on the run from agents of Tharn, flees to the war-torn border between High Rock, Hammerfell, and Skyrim. He recruits an anonymous adventurer to collect magical Star Teeth, and the adventurer, with the help of a Shadowmage named Azra Nightwielder, defeats Umbra'Keth. This is the story of TEST: Shadowkey.
Source: Shadowkey Storyline.

3E 398

On 29th of Sun's Dusk of this year, the Archbishop Calaxes disappears in the Imperial City. It is rumored that Lady Allena Benoch and the Imperial Guard assassinated him due to the advocation a full-scale rebellion to establish a theocracy over the Empire.
Source: Lady Benoch's Words and Philosophy.

3E 399

With the help of Jagar Tharn, Mehrunes Dagon overruns the Battlespire, the proving ground for Imperial Battlemages. One unknown hero, with the help of the surviving inhabitants of the Battlespire, daedric treachery, and the old man Chimere Graegyn, manages to vanquish the daedra. This is the story of TESL: Battlespire.
Source: Battlespire Storyline, Battlespire Athenaeum

A mysterious hero manages to go to eight obscured places in eight different provinces to recover the pieces of the Staff of Chaos. The hero defeats Jagar Tharn and releases Uriel Septim VII from the dimensional prison. The hero is awarded the title of the Eternal Champion. This is the story of TES1: Arena.
Source: The Real Barenziah, Arena Storyline.

On the same year, Gortwog wins the Orsinium area after he defeats Lord Bowyn of Wayrest in a competition. This marks the start of the rise of the Orcs. From that moment on, he works hard for Orsinium and the Orcs for them to be accepted as the official citizen of the Empire.
Source: How Orsinium Passed to the Orcs.

3E 400

Arthago, the Ill-fated first prince of Sentinel, Hammerfell, is sent to Castle Faalem. He was left there to die, to make a smoother way to the throne for his stronger brother Greklith. Lhotun (the official second prince of Sentinel) learns about the fate of his older brother from the mysterious Daggerfall hero.
Source: Daggerfall Storyline: The Third Prince of Sentinel, Night Falls On Sentinel.

At Vvardenfell, Morrowind, Kogoruhn is reoccupied by Dagoth Uthol and fortified as an advanced base for Sixth House operations. Blight storms become more frequent and widespread. Soul sickness spreads in regions close to Red Mountain.
Source: Dagoth Ur's Plans

Taurce il-Anselma publishes on Fragment: On Artaeum

3E 401

Nulfaga of Daggerfall finds the exact location of the Mantella, the heart of Numidium. The Blades, who have managed to collect most of Numidium's other pieces, reject her offer. Instead, the Emperor sends his spies in Daggerfall a letter, which is intercepted and causes political intrigue between the royal families of the Iliac Bay.
Source: Daggerfall: A Narrative.

3E 402

War of Betony, between Sentinel and Daggerfall, begins when Lord Mogref of Betony Island agrees to become a vassal to King Lysandus of Daggerfall. King Camaron of Sentinel objects.

3E 403

The Lord of Reich Gradkeep tries to facilitate the peace negotiation between Daggerfall and Sentinel. The supposed neutral ground of Reigh Gradkeep becomes a war zone after a long stalemate, and the entire royal family of the city, with the exception of one infant, is killed. Lord Auberon Flyte becomes ruler of the kingdom, and renames it Anticlaire.

The War of Betony eventually ends on the Cryngaine Field. King Lysandus falls. Gothryd, his son, is crowned King of Daggerfall. Lord Bridwell, the leader of the Knights of the Dragon, slays King Camaron. The Sentinel army retreat in disorder. On behalf of Sentinel, Lord Oresme, surrenders. He commits suicide on the way back to Sentinel.

Source: Vulper Newgate's The War of Betony, Fav'te's The War of Betony, Daggerfall Storyline

3E 404

Gothryd marries Aubk-i, the daughter of King Camaron. Aubk-i is now the Queen of Daggerfall. The letter from The Emperor Uriel Septim VII arrives to her hand. Confused of the contents of the letter, eventually she sells the letter to the highest bidder, King Gortworg of the Orsinium. Gortworg has no idea what the Mantella is; he consults the King of Worms of the Necromancer. The confidential information about Numidium spread.

The former King of Daggerfall, Lysandus, rises as ghost and with an army of specters and wraiths; he starts to haunt the streets of Daggerfall seeking vengeance. The guards attempt to stop the haunting but eventually their souls soon join the unholy army. The popularity of King Gothryd decreases greatly as he cannot stop the undead army. 
Source: Daggerfall Storyline

3E 405

A mysterious agent is sent by Uriel Septim VII to investigate the death of King Lysandus and to find the missing letter the Emperor sent to the Queen of Daggerfall. This is the beginning of the TES2: Daggerfall.
Source: Daggerfall Storyline.

Princess Talara takes the throne of Camlorn in High Rock after deposing her uncle, the Duke of Oloine.
Source: The Mystery of Princess Talara.

A civil war starts in city-state of Lainlyn in northern Hammerfell. Lord Kain, the leader of the Knights of the True Horn, tries to dethrone Baron Shrike, his brother and the ruthless ruler of Lainlyn. 

3E 407

A series of murder break out in Tear, Morrowind. Several major slave traders are killed. The serial killer is known as the Lopper. This killing finally ends when a minor noble slave-trader of House Dres, Dres Minegaur, dies. The official record states that the noble is the Lopper himself, although there is another possibility. Nevertheless, the serial killing ends.
Source: The Last Scabbard of Akrash.

In Morrowind, The Tribunal starts to establish the Ghostfence, in order to prevent the threatened large-scale breakout of Dagoth Ur's blighted hosts.
Source: The Plan to Defeat Dagoth Ur

3E 410

In Morrowind, Sixth House bases are establishes near Gnaar Mok and in waterfront areas of Vivec. Sixth House operatives exploit smuggler organizations and communications to spread their influence among victims unbalanced by Dagoth Ur's dream sendings.
Source: Dagoth Ur's Plans.

3E 414

The Vvardenfell district of Morrowind starts to be colonized, after the Duke of Morrowind revokes the old Treaty of Armistice. Originally, Vvardenfell was an exclusive district of Tribunal Temple, who had banned trade and additional settlement. Almost immediately, the Empire and three Great Houses Hlaalu, Telvanni, and Redoran take the opportunity to settle the area.
Source: A Short History of Morrowind.

3E 415

There are now small cells of Sixth House cultists in every town in Vvardenfell, Morrowind. Larger Sixth House operations are concealed in remote dungeons where creatures are bred and cultists are trained for the coming struggle.
Source: Dagoth Ur's Plans.

3E 417

Almalexia and Sotha Sil lose the artifacts Keening and Sunder to Dagoth Odros and Vemyn. Vivec rescues Almalexia and Sotha Sil, but fails to recover Keening and Sunder. The power of the Tribunal continues to grow weaker without access to the Heart of Lorkhan, and the resources required to support the Ghostfence.
Source: Dagoth Ur's Plans.

In the Iliac Bay, the Emperor's agent learns that King Lysandus was murdered by Lord Woodborne, a minor Wayrest noble. The agent avenges King Lysandus, and the army of undead leaves Daggerfall.

The agent of the Emperor manages to infiltrate Castle Daggerfall and retrieves the Totem of Tiber Septim. Learning this development, the factions of the High Rock and Hammerfell visited him offering wealth, power and fame for exchange for the Totem. After the agent gives the Totem to one of the factions, Nulfaga transports the agent to Mantellan Crux, a netherworld in Aetherius, to recover the Mantella.

To whom the Numidium is given is still a big mystery, but the reports say that six Numidium are seen in six different places at once, each one carving out a different mortal's destiny. 'The Dragon Break' occurs in the Iliac Bay, resulting in:

  • The unification of High Rocks many small, squabbling kingdoms into the three great kingdoms of Daggerfall, Wayrest, and Orsinium.
  • The Orcs of Orsinium gain the acceptance of the Septim Empire and become full citizens of the Empire.
  • Sentinel's territory grows to encompass all of Hammerfell's northern coast
  • Mannimarco, the King of Worms, is elevated to godhood as the Necromancer's Moon.
  • The Underking gets his long-missing heart, and dies a mortal death.
  • The city of Lainlyn, in Hammerfell, disappears from the map due to a communication error between its occupying forces.

This strange phenomenon is known as the Warp in the West and also known as the Miracle of Peace. All this happens in just one day, 10th of Frostfall, 3E 417. This is the end of TES2: Daggerfall.

Source: Daggerfall Storyline, Pocket Guide to the Empire (3rd Edition): High Rock, Skeleton Man's interview, Warp in the West, Lord Kelvyn's Will

3E 421  The Crimson Scars, a splinter group within the Dark Brotherhood, is established by Greywyn. Its mission is to eradicate the non-vampire Black Hand. The group fails and its members are slaughtered. Somehow the existence of the group leaves a mark in the Dark Brotherhood history. 
Source: Greywyn's Journal, The Third Era Timeline.

Circa 3E 423

Corvus Umbranox, the Count of Anvil, disappears
Source: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

3E 426-3E 427

Campaign of Sixth House assassinations of prominent Imperial citizens and Hlaalu Imperial sympathizers. Sudden increase in number and seriousness of attacks by cultists and victims deranged by soul sickness.
Source: Dagoth Ur's Plans.

3E 427-3E 432

The Empire is shaken from the questions of succession. The Emperor is old, and in poor health. He has two declared heirs, Enman and Ebel, but there are rumors of controversy over the succession in the Imperial City. Some say that they are doppelgangers placed in the household during Jagar Tharn's tenure as the Emperor.
Source: Savant's Note On Vvardenfell.

Meanwhile in Morrowind, a prisoner, with uncertain parent and born on certain sign, is freed by the Blades as an Imperial agent to uncover the prophecies of the Nerevarine, and to find out more about the rumor of the new re-awakening Sixth House. This is the start of TES3: Morrowind.
Source: Morrowind Storyline.

After a long journey, the released prisoner is acknowledged as the Nerevarine by four Ashlander Tribes and selected as a Hortator by House Redoran, Hlaalu, and Telvanni. With the help of Vivec, he eventually fulfills the Nerevarine prophecies by destroying Dagoth Ur, by severing his connection with the Heart of Lorkhan. With this action, he removes the blight that was haunting Vvardenfell settlements. This also severed the connection of the Tribunal to the Heart, thus leading to the undoing of their godhood. This is the story of TES3: Morrowind.
Source: Morrowind Storyline.

Realizing the new Nerevarine could be a threat to the new Morrowind throne, King Helseth hires the Dark Brotherhood to assassinate the Nerevarine. Visiting Mournhold, the Nerevarine witnesses the quarrel between King Helseth and the ancient goddess of Morrowind, Lady Almalexia. Shaken by the changing of power in Morrowind and the loss of her godhood, Almalexia loses her sanity and kills Lord Sotha Sil. She lures the Nerevarine to Sotha Sil's Clockwork City and tries to kill him there. She fails and is slain by the Nerevarine. This is the story of the TES3 Exp: Tribunal.
Source: Morrowind Storyline: Tribunal.

Later on, on the island of Solstheim, the Nerevarine thwarts the murderous plot of the great Daedric Prince Hircine by fulfilling the Bloodmoon Prophecy. With this, he saves the inhabitants of the island from Hircine's werewolves. This is the story of the TES3 Exp: Bloodmoon.
Source: Morrowind Storyline: Bloodmoon.

Other notable events in Morrowind during this period:

  • The Grandmaster of Fighters Guild, Sjoring Hard-Heart, long controlled by the Camonna Tong, is defeated and the independence of the guild is restored by the guild new Grandmaster.
  • Bal Molagmer, or "Stone Fire Men," who brought the light of justice to the land start to reappear after their mysterious disappearance early in third Era.
  • The Camonna Tong, a crime syndicate on Vvardenfell, is eventually absorbed and controlled by House Hlaalu.
  • The monopoly of magic services by Mages Guild is ended, and the House Telvanni, with the help of House Redoran, is officially permitted to offer the same services.
  • Galom Daeus, the headquarters of the vampire clan Berne, is wiped out by the Tribunal Temple.
  • Some time after the completion of the game's storyline, both the Nerevarine and Lord Vivec disappear and Morrowind is ruled solely by King Helseth. Vivec agrees to a trial, which he uses to admit his guilt in Nerevar's murder and get revenge on Azura before disappearing. Because of the secrecy of this trial, several rumors have sprung up about his disappearance. The Nerevarine, in turn, is believed to have gone to Akavir.
  • Helseth forms an alliance with House Dres through marriage. Helseth then renounces the slave trade and reforms the Grand Council. Indoril and Redoran cannot embrace this new rule and the power of both Great Houses wanes in the coming years. House Redoran is caught in the bloody dispute with the Nords of Skyrim.

Meanwhile, in other provinces:

  • Skooma illegal trading has increased significantly in Elsweyr, masterminded by Renrijra Krin, a Khajiiti criminal group.
  • In Summurset Isle, conflict between traditionalists and a group known as the Beautiful escalates to acts of terrorism on the part of the latter. At the same time, previously sacrilegious worship of Daedra lords gains popularity, and Summurset starts to boycott Imperial goods.
  • Many Argonians return to Black Marsh as foreign settlers begin to leave. Fort Swampmoth is abandoned by the Empire.

3E 432

The third edition of the Pocket Guide to the Empire is released.
Source: Pocket Guide to the Empire (3rd Edition)

3E 433-3E ???

The Oblivion Crisis.

A group of assassins attack the Imperial Palace. Uriel Septim VII's sons and heirs (Crown Prince Geldall, Prince Enman and Prince Ebel) are slain. While in the escape route via Imperial City dungeon, the fate of the Emperor intertwines with a prisoner. Somehow Uriel has predicted the event and before his death, he entrusts the Amulet of Kings to the prisoner to be delivered to the Grandmaster of the Blades, Jauffrey, and to seek the last true heir of the Septim Dynasty.

The prisoner then plays a major role in recapturing Kvatch from the Daedric horde. The prisoner is then renown as the Hero of Kvatch. The hero with the help of the Blades uncovers the plot of a Daedric Cult Mythic Dawn. The cult tries to bring Mehrunes Dagon to Tamriel, and reshapes the Mundus. The hero successfully brings the heir of Uriel known as Brother Martin to the Cloud Ruler Temple; the Blades takes over the job to secure the heir. Unfortunately, the Mythic Dawn has successfully taken the Amulet of Kings.

Shortly, the force of Oblivion is unleashed throughout Tamriel. In Skyrim, the force of Daedra strikes almost all Nordic cities, from the southern Falkreath to Windhelm in the east. The Old Holds (the collective Nordic cities in the north and west) have been defeated. In Morrowind, the force of Oblivion obliterates House Redoran city of Ald'ruhn. House Telvanni fights the Daedra and does their best to close the Oblivion gates, but little is gained.

In the Battle of Bruma, the prisoner-turned-hero single-handedly closes the Oblivion Great Gate by capturing the Great Sigil Stone. This effectively closes the gate, and cuts the dreadful Daedric Siege Engine in half. The battle is ended with victory on the Bruma alliance forces. Then the hero manages to recapture the Amulet of Kings and slays the leader of the Mythic Dawn, Mankar Camoran.

When Martin and the rest of the company in the route to relight the Dragonfire in the Imperial City Temple of the One, the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon has successfully crossed the barrier between realities and emerged in the Imperial City. Desperately Martin destroys the Amulet of Kings in order to unite the Blood of the Kings and the Divine Essence of Akatosh. Martin dies but his plan works. The Avatar Dragon of Akatosh materializes. The Aedra Akatosh battles the Daedra Mehrunes Dagon on the ruins of the Temple of the One.

The Avatar of Akatosh eventually defeats Mehrunes Dagon, but the Dragon Avatar is grievously wounded. With its remaining power the Dragon Avatar closes the barrier between realities once more. The Dragon Avatar is turned to stone after draining all its remaining power. The great Dragon statue now stands in the middle of the ruined Temple of the One. Martin, the last heir of the Septim Dynasty is no more, and the Empire is once again without an Emperor. The Elder Council under the leadership of Councilor Ocato tries to uphold the crumbling Empire. The hero is declared as the Champion of Cyrodiil. This is the end of the Third Era. This is the story of the TES4: Oblivion.
Source: Oblivion Storyline.

Several other events that worth noted:

  • The eternal war between Necromancers and Mages Guild finally ended with the death of Necromancer king, the King of Worms Mannimarco as well as the Archmage Hannibal Traven. Hannibal Traven sacrificed himself in order to protect the champion of Mages Guild from the power of Mannimarco, thus the champion eventually manages to destroy the King of Worms. The future of Necromancer Guild is in question.
  • The Thieves Guild under the Gray Fox has successfully stolen one of the Elder Scrolls. The Gray Fox needs the Elder Scrolls to lift Nocturnal's curse on the Cowl of Nocturnal. The curse made the wielder's personality be erased from history. With the power of Elder Scrolls to alter history the curse is eventually nullified, but the cowl wielder is still a number one target by any guard.
  • After the great heist, Corvus Umbranox, the missing Count of Anvil mysteriously came back to Anvil.
  • The Benirus Manor in Anvil is cleansed, after many decades being haunted by Lorgren Benirus, its previous owner, and his ghost minions.
  • An obscured report states that there is strife in the underground assassin guild of Dark Brotherhood. Members of the Black Hand and the Listener himself are slain. A traitor to the guild manipulates a new member to systemically slay all the important members of the assassin guild. Although the traitor is finally defeated, but the Dark Brotherhood is more or less crippled by this internal strife.
  • The Fighters Guild faces a direct competition from Blackwood Company. The new guild of fighters is more discipline, efficient and stronger. One of the members of the Fighters Guild uncovers the mystery behind the mercenary group. The Blackwood Company uses Hist Sap potions extracted from a sickly Hist tree that brought down to Leyawiin from Black Marsh. The potion makes the people who drank it ferocious, bloodthirsty and unable to think clearly. The Hist tree is finally destroyed as well as the Blackwood Company.
  • Agronak gro-Malog, the Grand Champion of Imperial City Arena is defeated. It turns out that the old Grand Champion is a son of a Vampire lord and an Orc female. This is the first known relation between a Vampire and a normal person that resulted a child.


Umaril the Unfeathered, the ancient foe of Pelinal Whitestrake, resurfaces. He brings the army of Aurorans, the minions of Meridia. Before he unleashed his full-scale war, he launches moral-breaking attacks to some of the Chapels of Nine Divines, slaying the priests and left messages. The Champion of Cyrodiil guided by a strange prophet embarks on the quest to recover the Crusader's Relics, once the armor and weapons of Pelinal Whitestrake. With these relics the Champion would have chance to defeat the ancient sorcerer-king of Ayleid. The Champion is finally recovered all of the relics and with the final blessing of the divine Talos, he manages to slay Umaril once-and-for-all, and the same time re-establishes the old order of the Knights of the Nine. This is the story of the TES4 Exp: The Knights of the Nine.

Source: The Story of the Knights of the Nine.

The Greymarch, a thousand year cycle of Sheogorath's curse is on the way. When the exact time arrived, Sheogorath will turn to Jyggalag, the Prince of Order, and wipe his own realm, the Shivering Isles. The Prince summons a hero from Tamriel and tasks him to stop the cycle. Despite of all the hero's efforts, the cycle cannot be stopped. As Sheogorath turns to the Daedric Prince of Order, a full assault of Order begins. Two-rivaled Sheogorath's army, the Seducer and the Golden Saint join forces under the lead of the hero. They defeat Jyggalag, and the cycle of Sheogorath's curse is eventually broken. The hero takes the mantle of the Prince of Madness and rules the realm as Sheogorath. This is the story of the TES4 Exp: Shivering Isles.
Source: The Story of Shivering Isles