Thief’s Journal

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Author (in-game): Anonymous

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4th of First Seed

I guess being Bosmer really does give me a way with animals! This little fox wandered up to me today, bold as brass, and started begging for treats. I didn’t have anything on me at the time but a sweet roll, but it seemed to like that well enough. I wonder if this gift with animals works on horses – it would make stealing them dead easy.

15th of First Seed

The furry nuisance won’t leave me alone! It’s been following me everywhere, even down into the sewers. At least it’s quiet enough that it won’t alert the guards…

1st of Rain’s Hand

The fox has a real nose for sniffing out valuables. Just this morning she dug a silver locket out of the mud – I never would have seen it if she hadn’t started pawing at the ground. She must be attracted to shiny things. Can’t say I blame her, really.

9th of Rain’s Hand

Finding Sweet Roll has turned out to be the best stroke of luck I’ve had in a while. She’s got better eyes and instincts than any thief I’ve ever met, including Vex. I can’t remember the last time my coin purse was this heavy – I’m starting to jingle like a battalion of Imperials when I walk.

25th of Rain’s Hand

I think I’ll try out this animal-taming thing on the wolves outside of town. Some of the other thieves have been eyeing me recently; they would think twice about jumping me if I had a wolf at my heels.

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