The Years Ahead

October 1, 2018
Written by: Lady Nerevar

And so our month of celebration comes to a close. Twenty years is a long time, especially on the internet. There are a lot of great things in the works for the year ahead – a brand new bestiary and a complete overhaul and upgrade of the Guide to Daedra, not to mention the steady stream of new lore from Elder Scrolls Online and the upcoming Elder Scrolls Blades. For our last post, I asked some of our current and past contributors to talk about what they’d like to see in the future of Elder Scrolls lore and the Imperial Library. Here’s what they had to say:

I think the community is heading down a good path right now. The long break between TES releases gives us the chance to reflect and discuss how/where we want to take things in the future. Regardless of where the lore takes us, The Imperial Library will be there archiving lore books and interview until the end of time. Lol.

-Tailin Sero, Assistant Librarian

TIL has some fabulously talented people. It would be great to see a big collaborative writing project, something of, say, novella or ‘2920’ length that had been brainstormed by a group and then written up by one or two of the good writers around here.

– Xui

I want TES lore to be expanded and explored. I could never understand people who would complain about a new game, because it showed a piece of lore unknown in previous games. And I’m not talking about any retcons here, I’m literally mentioning people who complain because there is new lore. Really? I hope The Elder Scrolls VI brings us a whole bunch of new things to archive in our good, old library. So far, The Elder Scrolls Online has been doing a fantastic job at providing us with new lore, but we do need a lore-packed, new singleplayer. The lore community is doing pretty fine, but I’d like to see more scholarly work at TIL forums. Don’t be afraid! Noone will laugh at you here. If you do any mistakes, someone will politely point them out and maybe give advice. Honestly, we all made mistakes, we all forgot some lore and we all still have something to learn, even if we are TIL staff or other members of the community here. I doubt we’ll ever run out of lore to research. I just think people could be more active in terms of publishing their thoughts and being involved in The Elder Scrolls Wiki or forums at TIL. Also, I would want the whole lore community to look at TIL as an example. A healthy, friendly, welcoming and open community, where anyone can talk about anything and find help. Over the years, in other places, I have seen people who would belittle others because they knew less lore. I have seen people who would hate someone for being on the same position as them in administrating a community. I have seen a lot of people who would disrespect others because they could. In my opinion, that’s not acceptable, if a site or group is (or wants to be) a serious place to discuss TES.

-Stygies VIII, Assistant Librarian since 2017

I hope it continues to embrace its fan-driven side.

-Adanorcil, librarian 2006 – 2017

What about you? What are you excited to see in the coming year of Elder Scrolls? What articles or features would you appreciate us focusing on next?

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