The Soft Doctrines of Magnus Invisible, V. II

Released In:

II. Enantiodromia

(The Foolverse)

As night becomes day and day becomes night, the emperor becomes a pauper and the criminal becomes a hero.

As experience corrupts innocence and innocence corrupts experience, the future corrupts the past and the past corrupts the future. As wasteful abundance creates poverty, a halcyon harvest is seeded by the starving.

Every hero is an image, a reflection, a tone played on the tightest string between the ur-mirrors of sky and sea. False heroes are the shattered reflections of the jailed jailer; a three-headed beast gnashing its own throats.

Gray Mundus is empty and full. Emptiness is gray. Fullness is gray. Magnus Invisible weeps for his grayest children.

The spiritual becomes material and the material becomes spiritual. The fool thinks they are equal. The heretic denies one and elevates the other. To the outsider, they are indiscrete.

The Word is eternal, heavy with meaning, unchanging, yet opening layer by layer to any seeker, showing parts of itself to each viewer, like a spinning prism, not the simple correspondence of mere words with the mundane.

Mer came down from the sky. Men rose up from the mountain. The god of mer climbed to the stars. The god of men descended into the ground. Climbing is rougher than falling, but to the beasts, the way down is the way up. When man, mer, and beast rise or fall together, the age is complete.

Only the shape-taker’s respiration emptied the arc for the thief’s eye.

Magnus and Sithis are tears to the prior world and the next. When they meet the prisoner, the story ends.

The serpent wanders to a tuneless tune, wondering why there are only twelve constellations to consume in the countless stars. The Hist know its course.

The Magna-Ge expand as the Earth Bones diminish.

The feathered were the first to see the falling stars.

Magnus Visible is blind magic.

Magnus Invisible magnifies.

The Serpent is bound with shifting tones.

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