The Chronicler’s Travelogue Volume 8

From the travelogue of the esteemed Chronicler Firandil of the Mages Guild.

I did it! I accomplished what no other mage has been able to. I convinced the priest of the temple to allow our detachment to study the Jewel of the Sphinx.

Just think, when this endeavor began I was merely tasked with ensuring that we had enticing wares and enough rations to make the trip comfortably. While this is not the most exciting of roles a mage can undertake, it was critical for the success of this mission.

But, as I set up my stocks and stalls, I overheard one of the warlocks pleading with a priest to be able to study one of their famed relics. The priest, distrustful, declined every proposition Warlock Ulelfanya made. After several minutes, it seemed as though the discussion would turn into an argument—dashing all possibilities for this crucial element of our trip to be fulfilled. That was when I made my presence known.

Humbly, I spoke to Priest Sazarali about my successes in finding the secret at the Aylied ruin, my discovery at the guild hall in Solitude, my surprising tumble into treasure at the archmagister’s summer home. And, in a fit of diplomatic brilliance, I offered to look over the entirety of the temple, if she would allow my fellow mages to study Khenarthi’s prized jewel.

Priest Sazarali agreed! For as long as I search for ancient secrets in the temple Warlock Ulelfanya and the other mages will be able to study the jewel. Even without a single discovery this is a great coup in relations between the priests and the guild. And, of course, another feather in the cap for your esteemed chronicler!

I will set off in the morning to explore as much of the temple as I can. There may be more I need to add to my travelogues before the fortnight is out!

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