Tharayya’s Journal, Entry 19

Author (in-game): Tharayya

After all this time we may have found it.

I wrote my husband several days ago to say that I may now know where the Guardian’s Eye is, and he showed up this evening with, of course, his band of hooligan “researchers.” That lot came with salted meats and wine to “celebrate.”

The team is elated for the interruption, but we haven’t found the Eye yet.

Dear husband Quintus doesn’t seem to understand this and insisted that I tell him all I know of the Guardian’s Eye, Volenfell, and its location. I don’t like the look of his merry band. Always whispering to each other in the corner. It’s a shame, but I don’t trust my husband. I’ll need the labor he provides, though.

I’m exhausted. Haven’t slept in days. My team needs a good meal and a good night’s sleep, and so do I.

I’ve left the Volenfell location with this entry in case you’re reading this, Abnaf. Yes, I know you read my journal, you eccentric misfit. And I know you’ll be too drunk tomorrow to keep up with the team at dawn. Follow as you can.

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