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TESV: Skyrim Coming 11/11/11

Fantastic news!  TESV: Skyrim was announced at the 2010 Spike Video Game Awards.  Here is the exclusive debut trailer.


UPDATE: The debut trailer is now available at The Elderscrolls page, and you can even join The Elder Council (facebook page).

Joined: 12/12/2010

 If you click outside the debut trailer video, you can move and view the stone carving seen in the trailer.

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Joined: 06/14/2010

Nice!  Thanks for letting us know.

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Joined: 06/14/2010

1. I'll have a bloody field day with the graphics.

2. My graphics card will have a bloody field day too. Time to get a new one.

3. I like the music.

4. The world is made of Dragons, litterally.

5. I'd swear I've heard of Nova King before.


Joined: 11/25/2010

1. Haven't seen any actual graphics yet, unless the stone carving is a wall detail of a dungeon.

2. I was going to buy a new PC coming january, but I'm holding off untill July.

3. Wonder if there will be singing/chanting in the final score, would fit with the thu'uum.

4. Just a Bayeuxesque stonecarving. From the stonecarving there is still a chance there is more symbolism/lore of dragons than actual dragons in the game.

5. But it's Dovah'kiin. I first heard it as Novakim, but the other language officially subtitled trailers at showed it as Dovah'kiin.

Joined: 08/31/2010

Its not nova king, its Dovahkiin

Joined: 12/12/2010

 The voice acting is done by Max Von Sydow and is such a good voice for this game ;P

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Joined: 06/26/2010

Its Dovahkiin, no apostrophe. And I agree with Proweler - the name seems very familiar for some reason.

Joined: 12/12/2010

Dova being ''Dragon'' or ''Avatar''

Kiin being ''Kin'' or ''Born'' ''Born to''

These are just some ideas of translation to the word ''Dovakiin.

and yes it does sound familiar.


Joined: 12/19/2010

You're all wrong, it's 'Dovakhiin'... 'H' after the 'K'.