On the Tel Var Stones: Volume 4

Author: Herminius Sophus

The Conclusive Nature of Tel Var Stones:

The first thing to be gleaned from this weighty work, is a keen grasp of the connection between the Tel Var Stones themselves and the many unique applications of Magic. Physically, they appear to be unblemished stones of undeniable magical radiance—but when examined by an an educated mind, it is clear that they are somehow imbued with more magical power than any other such objects that have yet been studied. One could speculate that the Ayleids could not produce such power themselves, so perhaps they mined these stones without substantial modification from a long emptied quarry of magical concentrate. Or perhaps they tapped into a nexus of interwoven magical threads from beyond Nirn. Or perhaps they created this material from the works, or even corpuses, of long deceased scholars. All of these hypotheses are just that, and should not be considered fact without further evidence. The methods described within Volume 2 are but one way of discovering the effluvia of Magic mixt with the Stone. There may still be others. Dwemer contraptions designed to investigate such magical phenomena are known to have once existed. An instrument of such technological sophistication might yield more data concerning the origin of these Tel Var Stones, and ultimately how these Stones may be useful for further academic experimentation.

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