On the Tel Var Stones: Volume 3

Author: Herminius Sophus

An Observation of Tel Var Stones and the Schools of Magic:

I am certain that all true alchemists will agree that the quality of the prepared Tel Var paste yielded from the rendering process outlined in Volume II of this treatise is of the highest caliber ever studied. Even the most benighted novice must conclude that the Ayleidoon conglomerate rendered by this experiment contains a unique and powerful form of raw magicka. With this assertion firmly established as fact, we shall proceed to the specific properties of the Tel Var slurry.

The most apparent (and seemingly unsettling to the less educated) property is the enduring warmth of the paste and the steady blush of brilliantly pure light from each granular crystal. This, of course, suggests strong connections to both illusion and restoration. When the now sullied water has been filtered from the thick suspension, the nature of its power can also be made manifest by placing a piece of Orichalcum upon its surface. The mineral will appear to levitate—a clear indication of alteration potential. If examined closely, one should take note that the water has become a solution of a great number of minute white crystals. These particulates often clump together in clots that vibrate in the same manner as conjuring stones. If the slurry itself is combined with any other alchemical property, it may cause localized slowness and weakness to all manner of elemental impairments; an undeniable display of destructive power. Finally, if the Tel Var vapor removed from the alembic in the preceding recipe is examined separately with a single, taut blast of any Destruction spell, the vapor itself seems to reflect this simple affront; a clear property of mysticism. This leads us to the undeniable conclusion that all elements of Magical practice reside within these stones.”

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