On the Tel Var Stones: Volume 1

Author: Herminius Sophus

To the Imperial Academy of Alchemists:

First, a warning to fellow alchemists: this recipe was developed under my careful scrutiny—the product of countless hours of study and experimentation. While the credit is unquestionably mine, I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge my unschooled but gentle servant, Azei at-Owynok. While a capable student, Azei suffers from some foolish notions about Tel Var stones. He repeatedly warned me against destroying these objects, citing some ridiculous connection to the Divines, or to Creation itself. Such speculation is rubbish, clearly unfounded, and should not color anyone's experimentation on these stones.

As to the recipe itself, it is imperative that all steps are heeded without deviation. I am certain of their outcome only when performed by one of my immaculate brilliance. If incompetent hands attempt this, the outcome may be unstable. Such are the risks in our estimable profession!

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