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The Technology Behind Skyrim

Head on over to Game Informer to learn about the Technology Behind Skyrim.  Read about the Creation Engine, Radiant AI technology, Havok Behavior, and the Radiant Story systems utilized in TES: V.

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Nevermind that we've seen it a half a dozen times already. :P


Anyway I think it's a pitty some of the tech being described isn't called by name. I'm kinda curious as to how they are animated.


If they didn't script the dragons the only remaining option is to have written some good AI for it.

Perhaps in combination with animations that leave room for the neck to be moved independently from the body and legs and perhaps a bit of procedural stuff to get the legs to walk properly on on the ground.


Then you'd have a situation where the dragon comes flying by, the AI setting the flight state of the Dragon to Hover to makes it's wings flap, and the AI telling the neck of the Dragon to look at the player and tell the head to spit some fire which then starts the head animation.