Tappius’ Journal [Alternative]

Released In:
Author (out of game):
Author (in-game): Tappius Esdrecus

This book was added in the 1.1v of AFFresh.
Old journal’s all full. At last count:
Crates Paid / Crates Shipped

Pariena, Balfiera, 26/33, GOOD
Roetir, Winterhold, 19/21, GOOD
Ulvur, Tear, 167/167, GOOD, no requests since Sun’s Dawn, send a letter?
Tiscinesa, Bravil, 24/41, MUST PAY FIRST
Bedore, Dwynnen, 12/12, GOOD
Timon, Wayrest, 117/132, GOOD
Uaithach, Jehanna, 126/13, GOOD
Gwynyth, Skeffington, 7/7, NEW
Geet-Ja and Kerchen, Taneth, 5/9, NEW

New Orders:
Timon, 13, PREPAID
Roetir, 4, wants goblets, OWES 3240
Geet-Ja and Kerchen, wants tubes, 3, OWES 3000

Someone activated the spheres again. Lost the whole crew. Dumb.

Did some recruiting in town. Got a new partner, and not just in business. Wow. Good thing my parents are dead. Don’t know how I’d explain to them I’m sleeping with a wood elf.

New Orders:
Timon, 7, PREPAID
Bedore, 1, OWES 700

Shipments out. Small enough the two of us handled it fine, even with all the breaks we took. Elf-skerring took the crates this time. Mentioned I should talk to the big guy so I sent a letter.

Roetir paid.
Geet-Ja and Kerchen paid for previous shipment, still owe 3000

New Orders:
Timon, 12, PREPAID
Geet-Ja and Kerchen, 6, only coherers, OWES 1440 (4440 total)

Real struggle to get all the crates packed in time. This elf is insatiable. Totally crazy. I’m too old for this sort of girl. Can’t seem to make myself get rid of her, though.

Geet-Ja and Kerchen paid in full.

New Orders:
Timon, 4, PREPAID
Easy to do this one just the two of us. Need to get a new crew before any big orders come in. Elf-skerring taking them.

New Orders:
Neloth, Sadrith Mora, 100!, PREPAID
Midrethir did the deal, took the payment. Can’t find her anywhere. Getting a bit worried. No way I can pack 100 crates in a month, much less a few days.

The little bitch sold me out. Took Neloth’s money to a smuggler crew on the coast and they moved right in. And now they’re doing Neloth’s order! I snuck in. It’s Crito and Livia. Same ones who helped move those Argonians five years back. Same ones who lost half the shipment to starvation and disease and near the other half escaped. Total incompetents, bound to get this place noticed by the Legion next door. I got into artifacts to get away from people like that, and now they’re moving in.

Midrethir came to me, complaining about the guys next door. The ones she sold me out to. She denies everything, has a story all planned out. She wanted me to follow her over to the ruins, probably has an ambush all planned. I refused. I snuck up on her camp under the bridge. She was worried, chewing her nails. I got close, had my dagger out. Couldn’t do it. I snuck away and got drunk at the South Wall. Don’t know what to do.

Took Phane’s advice. Ordered a writ. Should be an easy job, but it cost me 5000 drakes.

New Orders:
Roetir, 5, OWES 4375
Geet-Ja and Kerchen, 4, only tubes, PREPAID
Can handle these myself via the back entrance.

Shipment’s out, Fair Helas taking it.

Writ’s done. Saw it happen in the street. Poor kid’s first job by the look on his face.

Took out some of Crito’s crew. The quiet, messy way. Dagger straight in the throat and out the side. They find a few more like that and they might leave. Did a little recruiting in town, too. Got a couple interested and Habasi said she knows a few escaped slaves who need the money. Can’t trust them, but maybe blindfold them up to the lever.

Can’t stop thinking about Midrethir. Need to get another woman.

Roetir paid up.

New Orders:
Timon, 14, PREPAID
Ulvur, 11, PREPAID, had some kind of snag in his research
Gwynyth, 7, OWES 6125, sent some scrolls and daedra as partial payment. Not sure how to value that. Or if they’re valuable at all.
This sections almost empty. Need to get rid of Crito and Livia or clear more rocks.

Daedra are pretty useful, got to admit. Considering Gwynyth paid in full.

Better luck recruiting this time. Might not need the escaped slaves. Just as well. I probably moved half of them to Vvardenfell. Asta’s not bad. Lazy and as dumb as most Nords, but at least she’s not a crazy wood elf. Too stupid and lazy to betray me, that’s for sure. The orc already complained about her not packing as many crates. Just going to reassign her for now. She can handle the town business. Give me more time to open up the new area and clear the centurions out. She’s not so stupid she’d talk.

Someone’s taken care of Crito and Livia. Don’t know who my benefactor is, but I’m thankful to them. Did a little more recruiting. Hear Neloth’s going to do another big order. Going to ask Habasi about those former slaves. I probably moved some of them into Vvardenfell a few years back. Hope they don’t hold a grudge.

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