The Tale of Vikalar Skull-Shatterer

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In days long past, Vikalar and his hunting party celebrated a successful hunt around their campfire, drinking their fill and telling tales. The mead was strong, as it always was in those days, and the spoils many, but no mammoth-hides were among them, though Vikalar had sorely hoped to challenge one that day.

“I could fight it with my bare hands!” he boasted, roaring his battle-cry into the dark beyond the fire’s light. To the party’s shock, a trumpeting blast sounded in answer. The ground shook, and out of the darkness charged a massive mammoth! The beast trampled straight for Vikalar. As the others dove aside, he charged it head-on, leapt into the air, and crashed his skull against the mammoth’s. To the great surprise of the party, the creature wavered, stumbled, and fell to the ground, stunned. To this day, none has boasted a skull the likes of Vikalar Skull-Shatterer.

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