Gold Coast Twitter Roleplay: Tahm Casca

Released In:

"The Gold Coast is a dangerous place. Only Casca's Casks keep coin concealed." Count Carolus will appreciate my wit!

Another sale lost to my accursed rival! He even had the gall to smile at me. May Vendal Gurges choke on his own blood!

I hope your meeting with Count Carolus went well. Being your silent partner means I can avoid dealing with royalty! -Albus

To Albus Casca: You're rarely silent, big brother. And it went quite well. Quite well! Our fortunes are ever on the rise.

Good, good. I hope you won't mind if I postpone my visit? Mari is concerned about danger on the roads. -Albus

To Albus Casca: Not at all! So many fine points to work out with Count Carolus. The Wolf of Kvatch hungers for details!

Of course. Details. You should visit us soon and tell me all about them. Perhaps over dinner, at our humble home? -Albus

To Albus Casca: Yes, wonderful! It will be good to spend time with you and Mariana. I do so enjoy the view from the lighthouse.

Praise Akatosh! Mariana's care for my brother buys me time. I'm sunk if Albus learns the state of his investment.

What sort of fool saddles a highland wolf and parades it through Kvatch like he's the Count himself? That fool Vendal Gurges!

When I mentioned Gurges's highland wolf to Count Carolus, he complimented its fine breeding! How am I to compete with that?

I dipped into Albus's share to purchase the finest highland wolf in the Gold Coast. Vendal Gurges shall inflate with envy!

That went about as well as I expected. At least the food was delicious. Red mushroom soup, according to Mariana.

Tahm, I've never seen him this angry. You need to swallow your pride and fix this. -Mariana

To Mariana Casca: Contracts take time! I'm in extended negotiations with Count Carolus. Casca's Casks will supply all of Kvatch!

If you insist. My advice? My mother taught me that if you can't catch the biggest fish, just catch a fish. -Mariana

To Mariana Casca: Prudent, prudent. Perhaps I can approach the Cathedral of Akatosh. Do you think they'll have need for lockboxes?

That's your business. But if you owe them money, don't show up on their doorstep with a brand new mount. -Mariana

To Mariana Casca: Yes, I take your point. I will, of course, pay for the damages. Didn't realize its claws could mark stone.

I noticed "Vendal Gurges" on a slip of paper at market. I took it from the butcher's stall. My passions got the best of me!

What does BLOOD WILL FLOW mean? Something to do with butchers?

Vendal Gurges can rot in a gutter. Are the other names his business partners? Soon my own, if I turn this to my advantage!

Rotten luck! Indvarr, the first name on the butcher's list, was ripped apart by dire wolves just outside of Kvatch.

I was wrong. Indvarr was ripped apart by a single enormous wolf. Vendal Gurges has a huge riding wolf. Coincidence?

Albus has been feeling poorly of late, so I made him the red mushroom stew you're so fond of. -Mariana

To Mariana Casca: It's much better than the soup, isn't it? What did Albus think of it?

He said it was his new favorite. That's when I told him it was your suggestion. -Mariana

To Mariana Casca: And? What did he think?

He had a pained look on his face. But don't worry, It was probably a matter of digestion. -Mariana

Heard a sermonizer of Akatosh going on about the Dark Brotherhood. Here, in Kvatch? Preposterous!

By the Eight! Claudine Zurric, the second name on the list, is also dead. Worse, she was dying as I walked into her office!

Claudine Zurric's lips turned blue. She died breathless and in pain. I summoned the Guard at once. "Poison," they said.

Perhaps the Dark Brotherhood do infest Kvatch. Were Indvarr and Claudine Zurric targets? What does that make my rival?

Vendal Gurges is the third name on the list. Did he kill the others? Does he serve the Night Mother? Should I confront him?

Vendal Gurges is dead! Not a perpetrator, but a target. I saw his killer!

I've wished Vendal Gurges ill so often, but Divines know I didn't truly mean it. Oblivion take his murderer!

Confound it, I have the finest highland wolf in the region. I'll track his killer and avenge him, as any gentleman should!

I tracked the assassin to a location northwest of Kvatch. I found a strange set of doors.

When I tried to open the doors, they spoke to me! This place is connected to the Dark Brotherhood, I'm sure of it.

I should alert the Cathedral of Akatosh. Isn't the Order of the Hour better equipped to handle this than I?

Another body, fastened to the Cathedral of Akatosh's doors. It's the Dark Brotherhood, hounding me. They know!

The Divines can't protect me from the Dark Brotherhood. Can Albus?

To Albus Casca: Albus? I've run into some trouble. Serious trouble. I have nowhere else to turn.

For the last time, do not burden me with your troubles! You are your own man, Tahm. Be your own man! -Albus

To Albus Casca: I don't think I can. I am completely out of my element. Albus, if only you knew what I have seen.

You want me to take charge, is that it? As I always do when you make a mess of things? -Albus

To Albus Casca: Albus, please. I need help.

You will always need help because you never learned to help yourself. Until you learn, you are no brother of mine. -Albus

Albus is right. I need to take responsibility. I'll assemble all I know. Tomorrow, I deliver it to the Order of the Hour.

My stomach is in knots. A warm bowl of red mushroom stew is in order. I shouldn't write on an empty stomach!

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