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Systres Knightly Orders Vol 2

Edana Augier
By Edana Augier, Knight Chronicler
Well met, good reader. Volume one of my work dealt with the Order of the Albatross and the Order of the Iron Knot. As such, I will be leaving those two venerated groups behind in the search to better explain the remaining knightly orders of the Systres Archipelago.
The youngest of the orders to take root in the Systres Archipelago, the Oaken Order prioritizes magic and magical understanding over martial combat. Because of this, they have an intimate relationship with the druids, often citing the druidic teachers as the foundation for their high level of magical understanding. In recent history, some Oaken knights have eclipsed Mages Guild spellwrights in the areas of Destruction and Conjuring.
Unfortunately, their predilections and prowess have earned the Oaken Order more than a few enemies. Knights of the Iron Knot have been known to openly deride the Oaken knights, saying that they lack chivalry and the respect for combat that befits a true knight. Additionally, the conjurers of the Mages Guild often feel threatened by the Oaken Order's skill, claiming that the knights are not proper practitioners of magic.
Still, the Oaken Order has powerful allies. Count Damard gives their members personal demonstrations and lessons that are highly attended. The nobility clearly sees value in supporting the Oaken Order. The knights frequently lend their magical abilities to assist the noble houses in a variety of endeavors.
I would not be a chronicler of quality if I failed to mention the other orders who make their home in the Systres Archipelago. For, while the orders I've elaborated on in depth lay claim to the majority of the knights here, they cannot encompass all the knights who are and were. For example, some centuries ago, there was an order known as the Knights of Death's Valor. There are no records as to why the order faded from prominence, though there are many accounts of how the order's home lies in haunted desolation. Still, during their golden years, the knights of Death's Valor roamed the countryside and upheld the peace in a torn and bloody time.
Still active, the Order of the Braided Vine is a druidic order of knights. I'm not sure if this order was created to pique interest in the druid's ideologies or if they genuinely saw an opportunity to meld their arts into the lifestyle of a knightly order. Either way, it consists primarily of Stonelore Circle druids dedicated to protecting the groves and other island locations considered sacred by the druids.
Finally, the ever-mysterious Order of Flame and Shadow that some consider to be nothing more than a legend. As far as the available tomes and histories indicate, this order is comprised of a sole knight who passes the mantle to a protege after an extensive and secretive training regiment. The Knight of Flame and Shadow has been sighted on a few occasions over the centuries, both working alongside the nobility and also actively entreating an uprising among the common folk. Unfortunately, no additional information exists on their identity, whereabouts, or motivations. The Knight of Flame and Shadow hasn't been heard from in recent years. I have my suspicions than the last holder of the title perished before they were able to pass on the legacy. A sobering thought indeed."