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Symmachus, Hlaalu, King


Former king of Morrowind. Husband to Barenziah and the father of Helseth and Morgiah.

He was the trusted general of Tiber Septim. When he captured Mournhold and Barenziah, he presented her to Tiber Septim as the Queen of Mournhold. When Barenziah was rejected by Tiber Septim and was sent back to Mournhold. Symmachus took Barenziah as wife and his Queen. From this union, Helseth and Morgiah born.

Then Arnesian War, the war between Black Marsh and Morrowind, started. The condition was deteriorate. Symmachus sent Barenziah and the children to Imperial City, while he tried to hold Morunhold from breaking apart. Unfortunately, he failed and killed.