Svarig’s Journal

Author: Svarig
Released In:

Book added by Saints and Seducers from the Creation Club

We continue to do the bidding of Thoron, our wealthy benefactor. Though our relationship has taken a turn for the worse, he still pays exceedingly well and continues to ask us to pillage the trade caravans as they pass, searching for anything we can find that seems “off” or has even a hint of magic.

Thoron is a powerful conjurer, but also completely insane. He has become increasingly unhappy with our spoils as of late. I suspect that the vainglorious Saints have done something to gain his favor. We’ve all become fearful of what might happen if we meet him next month and he disapproves of our spoils. If you ask me, all that time he spends holed up in those sewers has finally turned his brains upside down.

He seemed to really like those tongs and rusty calipers we brought him a few months back. All we need is to find the right piece of junk that he thinks will help him “bridge the gap” he keeps going on about, and we’ll have full coin purses once again.

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