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Summary By Reaver

Librarian Comment: 

This Shadowkey Storyline was written by Reaver of, and revised by Xan.

An unknown Azra's Crossing dweller, after saving his village from rats and bandits, goes on a quest given to him by Skelos Undriel, the Shadowmage, in order to help him evade Jagar Tharn. Tharn, in his turn, is trying to manipulate the war of Bendr'Mahk to create the Shadow of War – the shadow creature Umbra'Keth. The hero's task is to gather the Star Teeth, ancient artifacts rumored to be capable of fighting the shadows, to help Skelos defeat the creature and drive Jagar Tharn away, ruining his sinister plans.

In the Twilight Temple, the Hero encounters the evil Shadowmage Pergan Asuul. As Jagar Tharn, he wants to create the shadow creature Umbra'Keth. Although, the Hero defeats him here, but Pergan Asuul escapes. In this temple, the Hero also learns of the existence of the greatest of Shadowmages, Azra Nightwielder.

Azra Nightwielder was the first to realize that shadows were not a mere absence of light, but instead a reflection of possible worlds created by forces in conflict. He mastered the shadow magic almost completely and was the first one to attempt to manipulate his shadow, instantiating all possible Azras at the same time, crossing over from this singular existence in shadow. But the neighboring science-ignorant Redguard soldiers, fearing the power of the Shadowmage, confronted him. The battle didn't go well for the Shadow Master. He lost control of his magic, and blasted a hole in the very place that the village Azra's Crossing would be built. The village's name comes from that battle. A huge waterfall is going down the blasted hole nowadays.

The Hero gains the first Star Tooth from the Witch Tree after helping her in several requests, and the second Star Tooth is from the bandit leader of the citadel Broken Wing.

Skelos Undriel
Twilight Tower
Pergan Asuul

Deep in the goblin caves of Fearfrost, the Hero releases the shadowmage Azra Nightwielder. But Azra Nightwielder loses all his memory although his power is still intact. He asks the Hero to help him regain his memory. Azra Nightwielder then merges his shadow to the Hero's shadow. This makes them both virtually connected.

In the heavily guarded Stronghold of Lakvan, the Hero meets Pergan Asuul in the second time. Unknowingly, Pergan Asuul recovers Azra Nightwielder's memory. But, like the previous encounter, Pergan Asuul escapes after a brief battle with the Hero. Lakvan in the other hand is the lackey of Jagar Tharn. He tries to play in the middle of both mages, however his game ends in the hand of the Hero. The Hero finds the third Star Tooth in the chest inside Lakvan's chamber. Also in this stronghold, the Hero learns the war of Bendr'Mahk, especially the fate of neighboring Hammerfell city of Dragonstar.

Azra Nightwielder and Skelos Undriel suggest that the Hero continue the quest to retrieve the Star Teeth. There are seven Star Teeth that need to be placed in the Vault of the Heavens within the Crypt of Heart, in order to destroy Umbra'Keth. Before departing, Azra Nightwielder gives the Hero a Star Tooth. This is the forth one.


Azra's Shell
Dragonstar Gate

The city of Dragonstar is under siege; the western part of the city has fallen to Skyrim Raiders, while the east is still defended by Hammerfell. But the force of Hammerfell is trapped in the middle as the Dragonfield has also fallen to Skyrim. The Hero becomes a part of political intrigue helping both Hammerfell and Skyrim - sides at war - in the magnificent city of Dragonstar in order to acquire Star Teeth.


Tanyin Aldwyr, a second in command of Skyrim Raiders gives the fifth Star Tooth to the Hero after several requests in the favor of Skyrim side. Porliss Caith, the leader of Redguard resistance offer a Star Tooth if the Hero agreed to eliminate the leader of Skyrim Raiders, General Duvais. In the dreaded caverns of Loth'Na, the Hero meets General Duvais with his lackeys. The hero manages to slay the General. And eventually the sixth Star Tooth is in his hands.

Following the clue from Azra Nightwielder, the Hero finds the Glacier Crawl at the border of Hammerfell and High Rock, a strange, icy dungeon, inhabited by a tribe of blue skinned fellows. They are very hostile and attack at sight. Are they the rumored lost Aldmer - the Falmer? None of these warriors is talkative, so the Hero fails to find out more about them. The Hero manages to retrieve the last of the Star Tooth after slaying the leader of the tribe.

The Hero also finds a broken Airship trapped in the middle of the icy dungeon. After a conversation with the undead captain, the Hero learns that the Airship and her crew are among the first who retrieved the Star Teeth from the sky. It is possible that the tribe captured the Airship and took the Star Tooth from them. The undead captain blesses the Hero and gives a magical object to help him in the next quest to eliminate the Umbra'Keth.


Azra Nightwielder
Star Tooth Placed

After the Hero acquires all Star Teeth, he travels to the Crypt of Hearts to face the final Evil, Umbra'Keth, the Shadow of War. Inside the crypt the Hero meets Azra Nightwielder again, receiving instructions on how to defeat the Shadow Creature. The Hero moves deeper in the Crypt to fulfill the quest. Before the stairs of the deepest level of the Crypt, Pergan Asuul waits and confronts the Hero. This time Pergan Asuul is killed in the battle.


In the final hall, the Hero encounters Umbra'Keth, the monstrous creature, which attacks him on sight. The Hero has to defend himself quickly and delivers a handful of blows counterattacking. The creature disappears into the shadows, starting to heal its wounds. There is no way to defeat the creature like that, as Azra Nightwielder predicted. It can only be defeated in the hall where all the Star Teeth placeholders are located, with all the Star Teeth in them. So the Hero is dancing at the edge of the razor, playing with his own death, trying to lure the creature into that hall and avoiding its lethal blows.

Finally, the Hero reaches the Vault of the Heavens and places all the Star Teeth into their placeholders. The Crypt starts to tremble and Umbra'Keth appears from the shadows in its full glory, about three times bigger and more powerful. Using all his skills and potions, the Hero manages to defeat the evil shadow creature. Jagar Tharn's plans are ruined.

The Hero enters the teleporter in the center of the room and finds himself in the Azra's Crossing, Azra Nightwielder standing in front of him. He receives many thanks from the Shadow Mage for helping him to defeat his mortal enemy, the Umbra'Keth. Then Azra Nightwielder disappears in the shadow while saying that he one day hopes to meet the Hero again. Then the Hero meets Skelos Undriel, who is grateful to him as well. The people of Tamriel are safe for now.


Note: Shadowkeys are a special type of key that are used to unlock certain areas locked with Shadow Gates. These areas usually hide Shadow Armors and artifacts, as well as Star Teeth.