Sulla’s Journal

Author: Sulla
Released In:

We tried to get through glacier at the top, but we couldn’t find any way into that tower parapet. Yag spotted in the glacial wall and construction of a catwalk was finished just in time for a storm to hit. At first we thought to wait it out, but it has only gotten worse. A shift in the glacier took out several of the new laborers.

I ordered everyone to quickly move as much of the supplies as we could into the fissure and we managed to get most of it. One of the hands decided he wasn’t going to listen and tried to make it out through the storm, but got blown off the catwalk by the wind.

Looks like we are well and truly stuck in here. But for all that I feel even more driven that I should be the one to uncover the mysteries of this ruin. I’m tired of all the credit for my work going to the Mages or the Legion. It will be my name that goes down in the history books for this discovery.

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