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Stri'ker's Interview with Divayth Fyr

Stri'ker & GT Noonan
Librarian Comment: 

This interview was conducted by Striker, B, Raptormeat, GhanBuriGhan, and Salohcin for their mod called Modern Adventurer. Striker play as his character Stri'ker and GT Noonan as Divayth Fyr. The mod was originally published on Aldrien's Chalice, a fansite for TES III: Morrowind. The text is copied directly from the mod with spelling errors intact. Only names at the beginning of each line have been added to refer to who is speaking.

In this exciting feature, our own staff writer Stri'ker was allowed to conduct the following interview with none other than the esteemed Divayth Fyr!
Stri'ker: Divayth Fyr, thanks for meeting with me to do this interview.
Divayth Fyr: But of course Stri'ker. You were always a young, and intriguing student, with so many questions. That tells me your studies show promise.
Stri'ker: I noticed when I entered that you have a 'Coprusarium'. Using my better judgement, I decided not to take a look. What goes on in there?
Divayth Fyr: Ah yes, of course! The word Corprus could scare the guarhide trousers off any soul. Many wish to refer to my work as a "sick and demented" hobby. Not at all! My subjects are also my dearest friends. I care for all of them, as though they were my children. In many regards, they are my children. But don't let an old Dunmer bore you. Stop by sometime and see for yourself. It is quite safe, I assure you.
Stri'ker: Most people I have spoken with tell me you know the most about Coprus. Not being the adventuring type, I haven't seen much of it's effects. What exactly is it, and what are it's effects?
Divayth Fyr: The effects are quite crippling to any man. If you recall the Gossum Fever, it would resemble that very much indeed. Through appearance that is. Skin boils and blisters, muscles atrophy, complete deformation of the form follow. And the madness is quite unbearable. Imagine drinking 4 jugs of Mazte and wanting everything around you to just go away.... as in, forever. It saddens me to see another victim appear on my doorstep, looking for sactuary.
Stri'ker: As almost everyone here in Morrowind has noticed, there are quite a few Dwemer ruins scattered around. Do you know what they looked like, and could you give a quick description?
Divayth Fyr: The Dwemer.... an interesting folk they were. Do I know what their dwellings look like? Why, of course I do. I know where just about all of them are too. Hidden you might say? Only to the fool's eye. Their magnificent, towering structures are a grand sight. The craftsmanship it took to build such incredible stone and metal structures is quite beyond anything we see today. I can only imagine how fascinating they must have looked like when they stood brand new, in their day. Alas, all we have now are their remnants.
Stri'ker: The Dwemer built many strange mechanical contraptions that appear to be powered by steam. Do you have any information on their power source you wish to share?
Divayth Fyr: Such a question is hardly answerable. I have been studying their artifacts and mechanical devices for more years than most mer ever see in a lifetime, but the answer to that one is still a deep mystery. I know quite a bit from my researches, but of course, I would not be at liberty to give away so much.
Stri'ker: Can you give us some more information on their disappearance?
Divayth Fyr: Information on their disappearance? My dear Khajiit, perhaps you should make a journey to my Tower sometime and speak of this. I have a few things I could show you that may allow you to gain a better idea.
Stri'ker: My sources tell me you are a Psijic mage. Can you give a brief history of the Psijic order?
Divayth Fyr: Striker, you surprise me. I *WAS* of the Order, long, long ago. Matters of personal interest fronted my parting. All in all, the Psiijic Order is quite a mystery to all and any, including myself. Books of their history were written by mer who merely have ideas of the Order. An idea is simply an idea until it can be proven fact.
Stri'ker: How did you become a member of the Psijic order?
Divayth Fyr: Long ago, I was taken in as a gifted youth in magic, knowlege, and pursuit of truth. The rest, well, the rest is quite beyond your mental.
Stri'ker: What is the difference between the current Mages guilds and the Psijic teachings?
Divayth Fyr: Quite simply, the Psiijic Order is not all about the mageries. Modern Guilds of Mages are quite political and wear the stench of power and struggle. The Order was all BUT that.
Stri'ker: Is there a large difference between the Dwemer ways and the Psijic ways, especially when it comes to the Endeavour?
Divayth Fyr: All I have to offer on this topic is my theory. And since it is an UNproven theory, it is best left secret.
Stri'ker: The Battle at Red mountain is pretty standard Tribunal reading, however, the exact details are ambiguous. Not to mention the contradicting information related to the Battle. Can you clear any of it up?
Divayth Fyr: Ah, yes, why did I know this one was coming? It is easy to believe that the Tribunal knows all, especially since they control the literatures that are presently available. The outlawed, Dissident Priests, would have their own literatures, thus their blacklisted status. As for me clearing anything up, I can tell you one thing.... I was not at the Battle. What happened exactly is unknown to me, personally. My researches all have led me to the exact happenings, but to share them would be in violation of Tribunal law. Perhaps one day, they can be persuaded to reveal more truth to the people of Morrowind.
Stri'ker: I noticed that your daughters live here in Tel Fyr. What is the story about them? Where is Mrs. Fyr?
Divayth Fyr: They are ALL Mrs. Fyr! They are my wives, daughters, and subjects. They exist to aid me, love me, and safeguard me. They are ALL one of a kind.
Stri'ker: Being a lore buff that I am, I can see many items and artefacts from the Imperial Battlespire. Since it was destroyed some time ago, how did you come across all of these items?
Divayth Fyr: Some rumors state that I was the guardian hero of the Battlespire. I will not answer that, true or false. I will tell you that I am a collector of ALL artifacts. Artifacts can tell us something of our history. Many hold answers to our greatest mysteries. I have aquired them over my lifetime through many channels. I may find them, I may buy them, I may even hire a mercenary to aquire one for me through whatever means possible. They are all important to my researches.
Stri'ker: Thanks for your time.