Stranger’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Book added by Grey Cowl from the Creation Club

The curse of the Gray Cowl is said to strip you of your identity, wiping you from all of recorded history.

But the curse was broken long ago. The truth is, it wasn’t Nocturnal that robbed me of my life. It was my selfishness.

I wore the cowl out of pure greed. I left my family because I loved only myself.

Then my sister passed, leaving her son an orphan. The last of the Ice-Blades, heir to a fortune, and easy prey for the wolves.

With the boy in danger, it’s time I took responsibility as the head of this clan. But if I’m to be his father, I have to stop being a stranger. I must pass the cowl onto another, and in doing so, the Gray Fox must die.

Until then, I come to this grave every night bringing flowers, to ask my sister for forgiveness.

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