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The story of Elder Scrolls Online-Supernatural

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If only I knew what he was.... What they were.... Maybe I could have stopped this. Too late for regrets, I guess. Too late for anything, even dying. He would.... No, I cannot think such things. Shall I tell you how it all happened? Do you wish to know why I suffer so? It all started three years ago, in the land of Morrowind, my homeland of long ago, where my people fled from the Altmer. But then, you knew that. And with that, I will begin.
Chapter 1
"Tired?" a voice asks from the doorway. I yawn again and curl back up in bed.
"Go away, Resen." I mutter, knowing he heard me. The boy had the ears of a nix-hound. He smiles. "Nope. You really need to get up, 'cause you probably know what today is."
I snort. "Oh really? Then what is today?" I retort.
He laughs. "Your birthday!" he says, doing a dance. I moan.
Shoving off the blankets, I rush to punch him in the arm, even though I knew I would only hurt my hand on his shoulder. He catches me mid-swing, pinning an arm behind my back and spinning me around, his arms firmly on my waist.
"What brought that on?" he asks, barely holding back a snicker.
"You know I hate it when it's my birthday, and yet you celebrate."
"You're so hot-headed."
"And you're too relaxed."
At this, he bursts out laughing, releasing me and clutching the doorway for support.
Raising an eyebrow, I jump up and grab his ear.
"Hey-! Ow! Lemme go!" he says, snapping out of it and trying to detach me from him. I let go, spinning towards the window.
"Hey Pyrus!" I shout, knowing he heard me. He hears everything. After a few moments, he pops out from a shadow and walks towards me, frowning.
"Something wrong?" he asks in monotone.
"Nope! Just wanted to see you," I say, jumping up and ruffling his hair. He slips on his hood.
"I see. Flamboyant as always, it seems." He sighs, attempting to smile but instead grimacing. "I brought you a gift." he says as he holds out a small box.
I squeal and snatch it from him, opening it quickly, while Resen complains that I only do that for Pyrus. I didn't notice.
Inside the box was a necklace, silver and imbedded with sapphires and diamonds. I gasp and my hands shake.
"Is something wrong?" Pyrus asks, turning to look at my face.
I tackle him, saying something like "Thank you so much!" or "You got this for me?!" or something similar. I don't remember.
"H-hey!" he says, stuttering and struggling to free himself of my hug.
I let go and slug him in the shoulder. He complains and rubs his arm while I turn on Resen. "Out." I command, pushing him out the door while I grab my day-clothes. As soon as he's gone, I turn to Pyrus and shove him through the window, closing it behind him. I dress, thinking about today, not knowing that it would be the last day I would ever sleep in this place again.
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Chapter 2
Thistle's POV:
'What is taking so damn long?!' I think, tapping my foot and watching Ulf flirt with some nearby girls who seem totally uninterested.
I growl, growing ever more impatient. A flash in the shadows, and Pyrus emerges, hair ruffled and twigs in his jerkin.
I raise an eyebrow. "What'd she do to you this time?" I ask, laughing.
"She pushed me out the window." he says quietly. He's always quiet.
I laugh again, doubling over. "SHE PUSHED YOU OUT THE WINDOW?!" I bellow, my laughing intensifying. He turns red, covering his face with his hood and turning around.
I stop laughing, a thought in my head. "Why did you let her do that?" I ask, concerned. He was the alpha, our leader. Why would he let a Dunmer girl overpower him like that?
"Early retribution for what I plan to do." he replies simply.
'Retribution? For what?' I ponder, the reason slowly donning on me.
"You don't mean.... You're really gonna...."
"Yes. I'm going to let her join the pack. The wolf pack."
"YOU IDIOT!" I screech letting the power of Hircine flow through me.
He lifts his hand, and the flow comes to a halt. 'The power of a pack alpha....'
"Damn it Pyrus! Why do you always do this!"
"Why...? Aren't we good enough? Aren't me and Ulf enough?" I say, beginning to cry.
"Cry all you want. The decision is settled." he says with utmost finality.
Regaining my senses, I kneel.
"Very well, lord Pyrus." I say bitterly.
And so begins a conflict of dominance and betrayal.
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Age: 16
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Personality: Can be shy and careful, and can be hot-headed and cunning. Likes/loves both Pyrus and Resen.
Description: 5'2". Unusual silver hair and blue eyes, with pale skin like snow. Incredibly beautiful.
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Personality: Laid-back and relaxed. Also social and likes to play games (which usually result in the other person dying). Loves Kina.
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Age: 17
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Personality: Quiet and reserved. Likes to hide in shadows. Loves Kina.
Description: 5'7". Dark brown hair and green eyes like emeralds. Tan. Doesn't seem to understand facial expressions. Otherwise cute.
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Personality: Usually drunk, perverted, and loud.
Description: 6'7", cherry-red hair and blue eyes, with a deep tan. Always with a lopsided grin.
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Age: 15
Race: Werewolf Bosmer
Personality: Sarcastic, rude, easily provoked. Likes to randomly kill people.
Description: 4'8", black hair and green eyes. Pale, but not too pale. Smirks a lot.