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The State of Trinimac


Gortwog gro-Nagorm rules over the Orcish kingdom of Orsinium, a newly reborn safe haven for the Orsimer. He and his priests preach a starkly contrasting message to traditional Orcish religious beliefs, that the knight of Auri-El and ancient leader of the pariah-folk, Trinimac, is a separate entity from Malacath, typical favored god of the Orcs. All other accounts claim Trinimac was transformed by violent means (into Malacath.) I aim to reveal the truth behind this subject, through the lies and filth.

A quick recap of events; the scene is Dawn Era Tamriel. Without doubt, a showdown occurred between the god-hero Trinimac and the Daedric Prince of Plots, Boethiah. By most accounts, Trinimac is "eaten" by Boethiah. The Changed Ones claims Boethiah used Trinimacs' voice to spew many things, the "lies of the Et'Ada", CHIM, the Chimeri House tradition among them. It then claims Boethiah actually defecated Trinimac out, as Malacath, or Malauch.

"Then Boethiah relieved himself of Trinimac right there on the ground before them to prove all the things he said were the truth"

The idea of Boethiah eating and then defecating Trinimac makes little sense, therefore it must be taken metaphorically. Take into account Trinimac was the strongest of the Et'Ada to walk Nirn. He was the knight of the king of gods himself, the God of Time Auriel, or Akatosh as he is known by men. Trinimac was the very leader of the Orsimer. Then, he is filled with shame with the verbal thrashing of Boethiah. All his teachings and truths were splayed out as lies, and he is filled with dishonor. to the mortal witnesses, Trinimac was not what he was before, and it is widely known the beliefs of mortals is an extremely powerful force in the Aurbis. What happened here was not digestion, but a shifting of sphere. The same being, with a different personality.

Trinimac went from a glorious knight, to a being filled with shame. An outcast, a pariah, the essence of Malacath. He is Malacath. Thus, he is no longer a proud knight. This is easily the most efficient way of destroying a god, yet not entirely. Gortwog and his priests are entirely false. Trinimac does not exist as a separate entity than Malacath, but that doesn't mean he is to be that way forever. Trinimac/Malacath is obviously connected with the Orsimer, as they changed along with him. Notice that not only is Malacath "patron of the spurned and ostracized," but he is also intent on keeping them this way. This is why I believe he fears something. That something is changing back into Trinimac. Taking this into account as well as the connection between the god(s) and the Orsimer, if the Orcs were to become more accepted in society, if Orsinium were to gain provincial status, Trinimac may be reborn.

As such, the words spewn by Boethiah were biased and ignorant. The Changed Ones actually claims "It was easy then for his new people to become the Changed Ones (The Chimer,) suggesting his motive was recruiting for the Velothi movement. In fact, Faith in the Empire outright states this as his motive. So in theory, showing Trinimac's views and teachings could redeem him, yet the will of Malacath could be frightful to overcome.