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Star Maps

Lady Nerevar

Redguard featured three star maps: a Yokudan one representing Guardians and their Charges, a Dwemeri one with constellation glyphs, and one seen while observing the sky from inside the Dwemeri observatory.

The Yokudan star map. Guardians are represented by squares and Charges by circles.

A star map obtained by combining all the images seen inside the Dwemeri Observatory.

The same layout as above, but as depicted by the Dwemer. The Guardian signs are shown in blue; the Charges, in gold.


Much like Stros M'kai's version, the orrery shown in TESIV: Oblivion also featured a dome with a star map. The dome is a large sphere, rotated about 45°, with four horizontal divisions on each side of the equator. The constellations are positioned in the three divisions north of the equator and in the two south of it. The following sped up gif illustrated what the whole thing looks like in motion. In it, the constellations are represented by their Dwemeri sigils.

When we flatten the whole thing out, here's what the star map looks like.

Another potential star map is an Elder Scroll itself. When we examine the Elder Scroll featured in Oblivion (subsequent games use the same texture), we see most of the Thief constellation located squarely in its center. Though a few stars and connection are missing (shown in red), most is present (shown in purple). The scroll also appears to feature a star map in its background, though the constellations depicted therein do not appear to be those of Tamriel.

Elder Scrolls Online provides us with our final example of a star map of sorts. While it depicts all 12 constellations in their sequential order, it does not position them in the sky.