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Spirit of Nirn

Librarian Comment: 

This version has been slightly edited and corrects a few minor spelling mistakes found in the previous version.

Lorkhan is the Spirit of Nirn, the god of all mortals. This does not mean that all mortals necessarily like him or even know him. Most elves hate him, thinking creation as the act which sundered them from the spirit realm. Most humans rever him, or aspects of him as the herald of existence. The creation of the Mortal Plane, the Mundus, Nirn, is a source of mental anguish to all living things; all souls know deep down they came originally from somewhere else, that Nirn is a cruel and crusial step to what comes next. What is this next? Some which to return to the original state, the spirit realm, and that Lorkhan is the Demon that hinders their way; to them Nirn is a prison, and illustion of escape. Others think that Lorkahn created the world as the testing ground for transcendence; to them the spirit realm was alreayd a prison, that true escape is now finally possible.