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The Speedwriting Game

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 Rules: One short short that is a full standalone story, no more than twenty minutes to write each, honor system. No edits except for typos. Has to have some link to previous story, no matter how tenuous. Have to wait for at least three more people to post before doing a second one. I'll start, ready, go.


"Uh, guys, how do I close this door?" Said Murixi. His tail twitched nervously and there was a flat worry in the Argonian's voice. Brutus peeked around and saw four Spiders, three Spheres and a Centurion. 

"Oh crap." Brutus whispered, "I don't think it does close."

Quietly, the two adventurers picked their way back over the fallen pipes and stones. The whole place made Brutus uncomfortable, and even Murixi, whose reptilian face rarely showed emotion he could recognize, was visibly afraid. Losing three men can do that to you.

His back straightened in terror when he heard the clattering of the little metal legs on the inside of the huge brass-colored pipe running alongside the sloping hall. The shadows danced in the green-blue light of the crystalline glow-crystals as another trio of Spiders pushed their way out of the ventilation system. 

Immediately, they scampered towards the two adventurers. Hands shaking, they drew their weapons. Murixi cursed himself for bringing a pair of daggers. He had to get so close to the things that his shins were covered in shallow gashes, but whatever inside them passed for a brain did not tend to use that awful lightning-launcher when he was close. Brutus was not so lucky. His axe, a great steel head with a long haft, crashed down. The metal caved and rivets popped out as the third Spider shot him in the back. 

He stumbled, tasting copper as the sharp burn laced pain across his shoulders. Murixi jumped at it and stabbed under the glowing soul gem and with a strong flick of his wrist popped it out. The robot slumped to the ground. 

Out of potions and with their healer dead, the two stumbled up the slope. At last, they saw light. Brutus, out of strength, stumbled. 

"I can't get back," he said. "I have nothing to get down the mountain."

He looked at the three bodies, all surrounding one destroyed Centurion. He reached into his bag and took out his coinpurse and the filled Grand Soul Gem he had taken from the machine's open chest. 

"Take this. Get the gems to the wizard. When your wife's eggs hatch it should be enough for a while," Brutus said, coughing. "Give some of the money to my son."

"I will." Murixi said. His face did not show sadness and he could shed no tears, but Brutus knew his friend would be broken by this. 

"Damn wizard," Brutus said as Murixi ran out the door. Laying back against the wall, Brutus dipped his fingers in the blood and managed to write up the the "a" in "Beware" on the wall before dying.




Well that was a bit more grim than I intended, but your stories can be just about anything, even only barely tying into absolutely any detail you want on this.

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Arvayne shone her ghostlight, illuminating the deeper passages. “This here was the barracks, they say”.

Pomponius harrumphed. He had clearly seen enough empty Dwemer chambers for one day. “You said that other room was a barracks. The one past the steam vents”.

“This is also a barracks, serjo” Arvayne replied, trying to maintain a measured tone. Guiding fat outlander tourists through well-trodden dwarven ruins was not a rewarding profession. Today’s party was particularly difficult. Pomponius was a prig, Cytaea was a hypochondriac and Umolinar kept bumping his head and complaining. Still, they paid well enough for the illusion that they were explorers, adventurers.

“The next room used to be a magma flow for some sort of engine”, she continued undaunted. “But the vent from Red Mountain was cut off by an earthquake, so we can walk through it safely”.

“Is it time for lunch yet?” Umolinar whined, rubbing his head where he’d knocked it against a ceiling pipe despite repeated warnings. “I feel as though I might pass out from hunger before we make it back to the surface”

“I might pass out from boredom” snorted Pomponius. “Where are the spider monsters, and the metal legionaries we were told about?”

“They’re centurions, not legionaries” corrected Cytaea. “And they sound like ghastly things. I still can’t believe you persuaded me to come into this awful tomb”.

Almsivi spare me, Arvayne thought. Maybe it was better when we didn’t let outlanders set foot in these places.
“What’s that?” Umolinar asked, stopping in his tracks. He was looking at a crevice in the corner of the room that Arvayne hadn’t seen on her previous visits.

“It looks like recent damage. Maybe another earthquake. Perhaps we should head back if this area’s become unstable” An excuse to be free of these halfwits, at least. Arvayne noted with some satisfaction how pale Cytaea grew at the thought of underground earthquakes, but in truth it was potentially a serious danger.

Pomponius had other ideas. “It leads into another part of the ruins, look!” Before she could stop him, the Imperial was squeezing his bulk through the gap. “Stop!” she called after him.

His voice carried up from wherever he’d gone. “Talos preserve me, now this is something!” Arvayne had little choice but to squeeze through after him, followed by Umolinar and even, surprisingly, Cytaea. They had indeed discovered a new part of the tunnel network.

“Now this is more like it!” Pomponius declared. “None of that tourist crap, this could be a part of the ruins that nobody has set foot in since the First Era!”

“Sorry, serjo,” Arvayne interrupted, “but we’re not the first to set foot here recently”. A skeleton lay spread-eagled on the ground “Dwemer didn’t leave bones”.

Cytaea screamed. Umolinar started, and bumped his head again. “Who do you think it was?” Pomponius asked, his swagger replaced with something that sounded almost like hushed respect for the dead.

“I don’t know” said Arvayne, peering at the wall. “But I think his name was ‘Bewa’”.