The Source of Power

Author (in-game): Anonymous

I can’t believe it! We had him! Vanus Galerion, the quintessential mortal mage, wandered right up to our proverbial doorstep, and the idiots at the Black Forge couldn’t capture him! Do you know what we could have done with the power raging inside him? We could have powered the forging of the Great Shackle and completed the Planemeld in mere hours instead of months.

Instead, we are forced to continue to utilize the inferior atronachs that Molag Bal’s hunters bring us. At least the atronachs aren’t smart enough to escape or divide themselves into multiple pieces to foil our every effort.

Excellent news! The Planemeld progresses, and we’ve reached a crucial milestone in our efforts. A planar vortex has formed. This nexus of Planemeld energy is the singular point where Nirn and Coldharbour come together.

Even if by some accident of fortune the invaders are able to disrupt the forging of the Great Shackle, the planar vortex will continue to draw the two worlds together until Nirn is entirely subsumed. It will take longer, of course, but Molag Bal’s victory is inevitable—one way or another.

It’s unthinkable, but the only way the invaders could overcome the planar vortex is if they could bring to bear the power of another Daedric Prince. And we all know that the only Daedric Prince in Coldharbour is Molag Bal, so our success is guaranteed!

Since those idiots in the forge failed to capture that mage in once piece, we are forced to find alternatives for our power needs. Our Prince will not be denied! Take the atronachs and throw them into the prism. They should provide enough power for now.

Just be careful. If you break the control locks, the prism will overload. Last time that turned the Frost Atronachs into Flame!

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