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Solitude Merchants Guild Roleplay

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[In Skyrim, one of the pirates on the Red Wave mentions a Merchants Guild which is nowhere to be found in game. I thought it might be fun to roleplay one of their meetings, and discuss Tamriels economy and such. This roleplay will take place a month before Skyrim starts, so topics can include the civil war and the effect its having on importing and exporting. Subjects could also include Imperial taxes, illegal substances, pirates,smuggling, Vittoria Vici's upcoming wedding or whatever other economy type subject you can think of. I will be playing as Razelan, the Guildmaster and representative from The East Empire Trading Company. Before you talk in character, give a description of your character, their business, and their political leanings. When this is all said and done I plan on transcribing it into an Apocrypha. Lets have fun!] 

"Alright everyone, pile in, pile in. I-URRRP-apologize for the smaller accomedations than usual, but the Guild house is currently being refurbished. In the mean time, we'll ,uh, we'll have to make do. So I'll bring this meeting to order. On the docket tonight we have rumors of Balmora Blue being smuggled into Skyrim through the Red Wave, one of the ships we use to export goods to Morrowind. The Jarl has also increased tariffs on importing goods, in an effort to-URRRP-raise funds for war effort. Vittoria Vicci's wedding is next month, meaning we'll have an influx of activity from Cyrodiil up this way. Feel free to, uh, bring up anything I might've for-URRRP-gotten. Let the meeting commence!"

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[OOC- That's a good idea! I never noticed this Solitude Merchant Guild.]

"You are rather upset by these smugglers because they are breaking the privilege about the Morrowind trade that the Emperor gave to the EEC and so benefits you won't receive as the Company representative", Jogarn thought.

He listened to the Guildmaster's speech. Still so improper! Businesses were too serious to be discussed as Razelan did! Some day, Jogarn will have its place. The fur merchant Jogarn Sweet-tongue knew he was the most qualified for this office; it should be his! But now he must speak to claim his defense of the guild. 

"Of course, we are loyal to our young Jarl", Jogarn said. "If she really needs new funds for her war, we'll be glad to pay taxes. However, every merchant of Solitude must pay the same tariffs. We can not accept such smuggling on the docket! I suggest we ask the Jarl for sending guards to the Red Wave and so stopping traffic. After all, the city watch has to insure the Haafingar laws, whose the charter which guarantees our powers over the trade. That's what justifies taxes. We don't have to hire our own agents to submit the Red Wave henchmen."

"And if the Jarl refuses", Jogarn thought, "you would use the EEC private guards to stop smuggling and you would appear as the EEC underling, who exceeds the normal responsabilities of a Guildmaster. And thus shopkeepers and other anti-EEC sympathisers will close ranks around myself, the good merchant citizen..."