Smuggler’s Journal

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Author (out of game):

4 Hearthfire
Made another trip to Balmora. Very profitable, and one of the easiest routes. Just take the Odai up until you’re near the city, but out of sight. Anchor there and walk the goods in or just have one person go in to alert the merchants. They’ll all come out and browse the goods and they pay well. Hlaalu know how to do business. At this rate, the debt will be paid off in a year.

9 Hearthfire
Tried Mournhold again, but our contact wasn’t there. Sold a little, but at awful prices. “Because of the risks.” City’s locked down. Someone wants a crate shipped to Balmora, so we took it. Said not to look inside. It’s just a bunch of ugly statues. Not my business. Probably have to write Mournhold off for now. Had a tip to head down to Tear.

24 Hearthfire
Tear went great. Got skooma at a good price, not to mention emeralds from the marsh, some enchanted goods, and a selection of liquors from all over the south. Not sure the best place to sell it. Maybe try Balmora again.

9 Frostfall
Keep having bad dreams. All I remember is a strange, very tall man in a golden mask. Need to ask a witch or something about it. Back in the inner sea, less than a day to the Odai, but the weather is strange and lots of bad signs everywhere I look. Got to stop jumping at every bad omen. Dreams have me rattled.

Nearly dusk and there’s a bad looking storm on the horizon. Going to try and anchor on the far side of an island. Ride it out. Can’t make any harbor in time.

Anhor line broke, sails all torn, using oars to try and get the ship into the Odai. It’s not far. Terrible storm.

10 Frostfall
Storm finally broke. Ship ran aground near the entrance to the Odai. Total loss. Most of the crew went to Balmora. I told them the goods were all lost, but they’re still in the ship, just underwater. Going to take the best items and bury them.

Bad. Very bad. Not a total loss. I can find a buyer for some of this, get a cheap ship, new crew. The routes and contacts are the thing, and those can’t sink.

11 Frostfall
At the Lucky Lockup. So I don’t forget, the treasure’s on a little island, half buried. From the wreck, swim across the mouth of the river and keep going along the coast a short ways. When you see a little island to your left, swim south and go past that island to a tiny, tiny little island between it and a sligthly larger one. Chest is there. Publican seems like an easy mark. Going to try my luck at cards.

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