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Skyrim - Boethiah's Bidding


This quest is partially implemented in the data, but cannot be played in game. It was intended to follow Boethiah's Proving, and has the player assassinating Elisif on behalf of Erikur. 


Once the player completed the quest Boethiah's Proving and was named the Prince's champion, Boethiah had one final task for them:

You have earned the right to call yourself my Champion. And now you must perform the task for which I created you. You have already proven to possess the needed skills.

Go to Solitude. Stalk the Jarl and slay her.

I have spread rumors of an assassin. It will make your job harder, but will allow me to place blame where I desire it.You will need stealth and lies to get past her guards. You will assassinate her swiftly and quietly. And if combat finds you, survive the escape. Succeed, and you may keep your title and my armor, and I shall write your name upon the Tablet of Absolute Blackness.

Failure is not an option.


Player arrives in Solitute and attempts to visit the Jarl, only to be escorted out by guards

Guard Greeting: I've been instructed to tell all visitors that the Lady Elisif isn't feeling well. She wishes you a good day, and please call again another time.

Guard Greeting: Yes. Are you enjoying our little walk together? Or perhaps you'd like to come back when the Lady is taking visitors?

Guard goodbye: Stay close and in plain view. No funny business unless you want a few inches of steel in your belly.

Player: Must you follow me... everywhere?

Guard: I suppose you're free to frolic with the wenches in the servant's quarters, but anywhere else, you must have an escort. Jarl's orders.

Player: That won't do. I have pressing business for the Jarl.

Guard: I'm afraid you'll have to come back later. I've been given strict instructions that no one be allowed to trouble Lady Elisif.

Player: Maybe I could speak with the Steward instead?

Guard: Yes, the Steward is taking visitors. However, I must accompany you at all times while on the royal premises.

Player: Maybe one of my friends here in the palace could be my escort?

Guard: If there's someone in the palace who can speak for you and wouldn't mind walking you around. Great. Lead me to him.


Player can ask two "friends" to help him - Falk Firebeard (the steward) and Una (the housekeeper).

Player: What's wrong with the Jarl?

Falk: She's telling everyone she's sick. But she's really locked herself in her room because she fears an assassin is out to get her.

Una: She's locked herself in her room not letting anyone in. Well, except for us servants. She's afraid of assassins coming to get her. Even still, I make a point of announcing myself when I enter her room now. I spooked her so bad last time she almost threw the chamber pot at me!


Player: Assassins? Really? That's ridiculous. Who would want to kill her?

Falk: I know. The poor girl's fright has left her bereft of reason. But there's no talking her out of it. I fear she'll be locked in there for days.

Una: Not so ridiculous, really. I know people don't think much of her. But she is the Jarl after all. Plenty of folk would kill to be in her shoes.


Player: Maybe she'd feel safer with a personal bodyguard? I could do that.

Falk: I bet she would feel safer. And hopefully you wouldn't have to baby sit her for long. Once she calms down, she might start thinking straight again. Let's go talk with her. Stay close. Talk of assassins has the guards jumpy. They might attack you if you're not standing near me.

Una: Well, she needs to eat. I don't think she even knows where the kitchen is. And milady isn't exactly going to remove her own chamber pot, now is she? It hardly matters though. The door to the stairs is securely locked. There's no way anyone without the key can get in. So don't you worry about it.


Player: The lock could be weaker than it looks. May I see the key?

Una: I suppose so. But believe me. Only us servants have a key like that, and its a very expensive looking lock. Really, I wouldn't worry about it. Here. Take a look for yourself. But give it back soon. It's almost time for milady's medicine.


The player is then escorted by one of his friends to Elisif's locked door.

Friend Escort: Elisif...

Elisif: Go. Away. Please!

Friend Escort: I've brought a friend. Someone who can help. A bodyguard. To protect you.

Elisif: I thought you didn't believe I was in danger!

Friend Escort: It doesn't really matter what I believe, now does it? I've brought you someone who can protect you. That's what you want, isn't it?

Elisif: Well, what are you waiting for?!

The player enters.

Elisif: Come in, come in! Shut the door behind you!

Elisif: I'm glad they finally believed me. About the assassin I mean. It's been so hard since my Torygg passed. No one takes me seriously.

So how's this work exactly? Do you just kind of stand there on the look out? That's what Bolgeir does. Well, he sort of looms more than stands. Bolgeir's loyal, but even he doesn't do what I ask. Case in point, this whole assassin thing. Well at least I have you now.

Look at me ramble... Well, I guess I'll go about my business sulking in here. You can stand over there in the corner watching for assassins.


The next section is unclear. Presumably, the player murders Elisif there and then, and is granted some new boon by Boethiah. After Elisif is killed, Erikur becomes Jarl. He seems to have been in on the deal all along.

Player: Are you doing well, serving as Jarl?

Erikur: Ahhh. Quite fine my friend. Quite fine.

So sad what happened to young Elisif. Tragic really. Such a young and pretty girl. Was in over her head, I'm afraid.

But we should be done with murders in the Blue Palace. I've stepped up security around here.


Player: I'm having some difficulties with the guards. Can you take care of that?

Erikur: Hmm... Yes, I've heard about all that fuss. I myself know it's all a terrible, terrible misunderstanding. I'm quite sure you're innocent in all this.

This one time only, I'll grant you special immunity for any past transgressions, real or perceived. But going forward, I'm sure you realize that your fate is in your own hands. And the law can not be bent for personal friendships.