Skjol’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Skjol

Book added by Alternative Armor – Stalhrim Fur from the Creation Club

Tyra tell Skjol to wait, so he wait. But then he meet nice man from village, who show him magic ice. He call it stalhrim.

Skjol like stalhrim. He like way it look. He like way it sound. H is silent, just like Skjol, because Skjol have no tongue.

But Skjol’s axe is loud. It make good crunch noise in ice.

But stalhrim make different noise. Most ice go “REEEEE!” but magic ice go “UNFH!”

Skjol should be bard.

Nice man say there island north of Cassookar…Cassookarst…he say there island all way north with much magic ice. The kind Skjol can wear.

Skjol think man very nice, he sorry he have to crush him.

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