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Skelos Undriel


Appeared in: TEST: Shadowkey.

Skelos Undriel is a Shadowmage, a rare order of mages that studies shadows. In 3E 397 somehow, he was hunted by Jagar Tharn and his agents. He escaped from Cyrodiil to Western Reach in High Rock, where he was trapped and caught by Delfran. He was rescued by the hero pf Azra's Crossing.

Skelos then guided the hero to retrieve Star Tooth, in order to destroy the evil shadowmage Pergan Asuul and Umbra'Keth, a shadow creature that fed from the War of the Bend'r-mahk. The hero managed to rescue Azra Nightwielder, the greatest of Shadowmages, and together they destroyed Pergan Asuul and Umbra'Keth.

Skelos is famous for his quote, "Shadows are not an absence of light, they are reflections from another world."