Six Views of the Egg of Time, V. VI

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The Disappearance of the Letters
by Nods-One-Time

Brevity is the mystery. If these are real books by dwarves, how could there be any meaning in one or two pages of sparse letters?

To keep this theory just as brief, could the original text have disappeared along with the dwarves? Could these disappearances be related? The original has several blank pages following the text as published by the University of Gwylin.

Suppose whatever ritual or accident led to the disappearance also took evidence of its workings with it? What would be left in a such as book about the ritual as The Egg of Time? Perhaps the remaining letters are spelling errors or some other leftover letters, while the true text now lies with the dwarves.

One theory of the disappearance is that the Aedra were upset at the dwarves attempting to control or usurp divine power. If so, could not these same Aedra have removed not just the dwarves, but also all evidence of how their blasphemy was accomplished? Indeed, to leave us an instructional text would be an apocalyptic temptation. The Aedra could easily have erased most of these works, leaving only a few scattered, now harmless, letters.

Similarly, why are there no other dwarven books? Could the dwarves have simply taken their books with them? They would have little need for the trinkets and furniture they left behind wherever they went, but perhaps knowledge would still be of use to them.

To summarize: The Egg of Time and Divine Metaphysics were altered or taken with the dwarves, whether by their choice or as a side-effect of the incident. Therefore, interpretations are impossible.

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