Six Views of the Egg of Time, V. V

Released In:

Time, the Egg, and the Spaces Between
by Emelin, Five-Antlered Logomachist of the Peregrine Archives, Falinesti

The Egg of Time is the most important text to be discovered in the Third Era. As the only successful interpreter of the text, it is my privilege and duty to inform the rest of Tamriel. My brilliant deciphering of the text will lead to revolutions in magic, theology, and cosmology. The folly of lesser scholars was to assume that such a great book could be confined to a single interpretation.

The Egg of Time is a partially completed Julianos Cube.

This Julianos Cube is a numerological prophetic text.

Seekers of knowledge must first recognize that the two 19×14 grids can be laid atop one another to produce the first two layers of an incomplete 19x19x19 Julianos Cube.

As some readers may not be familiar with a Julianos Cube, the idea is very simple. Each row, column, and diagonal in every dimension sum to the same number. In this case, the sum is 3439. The majesty of 3439 is not immediately obvious, but just as one example, consider that 3 plus 4 plus 3 plus 9 equals 19, a number that has been conspicuously ignored by numerologists, and 1 plus 9 equal 10! Anu and Padomay!

Each number in a Julianos Cube must be unique, and as anyone can see there are repeats in the symbols in two partial squares in The Egg of Time. My first brilliant insight into these numbers came when I realize the actual value was dependent on both the symbol and its position in the square. To protect the less enlightened, I must refrain from describing the method by which I deduced the true value of each square. Once I discovered the values, filling out the cube was a trivial exercise.

The Dwemer left the Julianos Cube incomplete to ensure that only the most worthy wisdom seekers in the future would be able to understand the dangerous, world-changing knowledge contained therein.

Seekers must next recognize that the Julianos Cube so formed is a numerological prophetic text. Although written over 3500 years ago, this text correctly predicts the end of the First and Second Eras as well as recent events of great importance such as the brief return of the Numidium and recent events in Morrowind.

The text continues its prophecy well into the future, but not as long as you think! The world of Tamriel will come to an end in a shockingly brief span of years. Only the knowledge contained in this prophetic text can protect the enlightened from total destruction! The same destruction visited upon the Dwemer!

Parts of the Julianos Cube are, in fact, a map of the Egg of Time itself. The Egg of Time is timeless Time–the “egg” from which Akatosh hatches when Padomay breaks the shell and brings the joy of difference to creation. This is just one of the revelations contained in the Cube!

Seekers of knowledge must finally recognize that the Julianos Cube contains hints of the ultimate message contained in The Egg of Time. This message is contained not in the letters themselves, but written in a different script in the spaces between the letters! The script I refer to is, of course, the same as the one used in the Elder Scrolls themselves! I suspect the Dwemer could only safely write this script in this inverse manner. Reading the final message is extremely dangerous! Only those with true spiritual insight should attempt this task, and no one should do so without reading the message of the Cube first. Even one such as I was blinded for nearly four months! But the knowledge gained is no less than the ultimate knowledge itself! APOTHEOSIS! Puncturing the sky! The way to become one of the secret rulers! Total mastery over one’s own life and others! The most guarded secret of the ages!

Of course I cannot reveal a secret such as this in a book intended for a wide audience. Such knowledge must remain selective. Those who seek, seek me. Be prepared to give up everything for such golden wisdom.

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